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Conversation Collection

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A panel of perspectives from a year like no other. Hosted by David Ramirez

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"Speak On It" with Jaden Cooper2021-06-30

Podcast host, Jaden Cooper joins the conversation to discuss all things self love, therapy, self awareness, the politicization of the black existence in America, toxic masculinity, the importance of self compassion and more.  More from today's guest - Jaden Cooper Instagram: The Black Verse Podcast:

109 min

"Find the Lonely People" with Kevin Schatell2021-07-01

Emmy award winning TODAY show producer, Kevin Schatell, joins the conversation to discuss what he's learned over the past year, the power of authenticity, finding peace in your identity, faith, family, and shares a story of the one decision that changed his life forever.  For more Conversation Collection, follow us on instagram at

42 min

"My Life is My Message" with Mia Brabham2021-07-01

Author, host, and writing extraordinaire Mia Brabham joins the conversation to give her take on the past year. We discuss COVID, performative activism, the importance of celebrities speaking out when it matters, following your path, the racial reckoning in this country and around the world, giving yourself grace, and more.  For more Conversation Collection, follow us at For more of today's guest - follow Mia at

85 min

"There is a door, and it has your name on it" with Maya Eaglin2021-07-10

NBC News Digital Reporter and host of Stay Tuned, Maya Eaglin joins the conversation to discuss the power of access, the digital media landscape, battling shame and imposter syndrome, the importance of storytelling, and how she finds hope in Gen Z as we move forward beyond the trails of 2020.  Follow Maya: For more Conversation Collection:

42 min

"Bask in the Chaos and Live" with Usman Ishaq2021-07-10

Usman Ishaq joins the conversation to discuss the impact of the pandemic on the arts, typecasting, finding purpose, the importance of supportive and uplifting teachers, the importance of holding onto your integrity, and recognizing your value.  Follow Usman: For more Conversation Collection:

72 min

"If you want to stop being the clown... you'll stop being the clown" with Nathan Vinson2021-07-10

Nathan Vinson joins the conversation to discuss all things music, pop culture, and more. We discuss the push for diversity and inclusion in corporations and the changes that still need to be made, the power of music, his formative experience attending an HBCU and more.  Follow Nathan: For more Conversation Collection:

93 min

"Be Open to Outcomes" with DJ Godinez2021-08-31

The conversation continues with DJ Godinez as we discuss the events of the past year through a teacher's perspective. We discuss juggling multiple jobs as an educator, teaching during a pandemic, our favorite choir memories, his hopes for the future, the importance of representation and his unwavering mission to make sure everyone feels that they belong, exactly as they are.

64 min

"People Really Just Need More Compassion." with Julian Miller2021-08-31

The conversation continues with part 2 of my conversation with Julian Miller on the state of politics, body dysmorphia, the debate on changing our systems from the inside out, the importance of compassion, and much more.

87 min

"Set Intentions, Not Expectations." with Darriel McBride2021-08-31

The conversation continues with Author, Poet, and overall badass Darriel McBride. We discuss losing a parent during the pandemic year, the complexities of grief, finding strength in your struggle, the process of unlearning, loving someone dealing with addiction, Forgiveness, the art of poetry, and setting intentions, not expectations.

54 min

"Unity and healing starts by holding those extremists accountable" with Julian Miller2021-07-19

This conversation was recorded less then 24 hours after the insurrection at the U.S. Capital on January 6th. This conversation captures Julian Miller and I's reactions in the aftermath of the insurrection-- our fears, our insights and thoughts on how we move forward.

77 min

"Why get back to normal? Let's build something better." with Spencer Dukoff2021-07-19

The conversation continues with Spencer Dukoff, Deputy Editor at Mens Health Magazine, to discuss his conscious effort to center mental health and wellness within Men's Health's content, Speaking out for marginalized communities, losing a loved one during a time of isolation, avoiding performative allyship, the importance of therapy, the state of politics and what gives us hope for the future.  For more conversation collection: Follow Spencer: Late Greats Music Club:

90 min

"The answer always begins with action. Motivation will follow." with Alana Bryant2021-07-19

The Conversation continues with Alana Bryant as we discuss the COVID vaccine, the rise of the "Facebook doctor," Her medical school journey, The importance of mindfulness and wellness, and her passion for sharing her journey in hopes of inspiring others.  Follow the Conversation Collection: Follow Alana: Paging Dr. Bryant: Brown Girl White Coat Podcast:

50 min
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