A Collection Of Conversations

A Collection Of Conversations

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Stories, Tales, Lies, and Exaggerations from a couple of roses that grew from concrete. Welcome to A Collection of Conversations. Questions/business inquiries -

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Cuong Vong the great!2022-03-10

I had the privilege and honor to sit down with the legendary CV the great! A self made successful investor. A tale of transition from the Military to a Multi Millionaire. A story of resilience, persistence, commitment, and consistency. Support the dream!

120 min

Dr. CM & Young Eddie the Great2022-03-11

Game Changers! I collected a conversation with Dr. CMR, a Higher Education professional who has faced and overcome barriers his whole life. A true captain of industry, a leader, and world renowned change agent along with the gifted and talented Young Eddie The Great! He is a 1st Generation college student, USMC Veteran, and currently pursing his MSW (masters of selling wisdom) True Maniacko Vibes!

165 min

SGT Beanie OIF Combat Veteran2022-05-16

PART I  Kevin has over 18 years of experience working with Veterans in a variety of capacities. After graduating with his Master’s Degree in Social Work with a Specialization in Military Veterans and Families, Kevin began his career as the Program Manager for the Battle Buddy Bridge Program at Volunteers of America Los Angeles, which was a veteran peer to peer program in Orange County. Kevin provided oversight for the daily operation of the program as well as clinical supervision for all of the Peer Support Specialists and MSW interns. Kevin always had an affinity for student veterans and decided to move on to a position as a Care Coordinator at the University of Southern California where he provided case management for veterans and their families. After his time at USC Kevin decided to pursue a career in education where he became Adjunct Faculty at Long Beach City College where he worked as a Veterans Counselor for the Veterans Resource Center. During his time at Long Beach City College, Kevin taught classes in Career Exploration, and Orientation to College Success as well as providing academic counseling for student veterans and their families. Kevin also provided resource navigation where he guided student veterans and their families through the resource “maze” in Los Angeles and Orange County. Currently, Kevin is Full Time Tenure Track Faculty at Santa Monica College where he is the Program Leader for the Veterans Resource Center. Kevin provides oversight to the program as well as managing grants, coordinating services, providing military culture training for faculty and staff, managing daily operations, providing clinical supervision to Social Work interns, and provides Counseling for student veterans and their families. His skills include strategic planning, navigating the resource “maze”, training, and providing peer support to his sisters and brothers in arms. Kevin is a Combat Veteran who served in the United States Army from 2000 – 2005. He was deployed to the Pentagon, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kuwait, and Iraq and truly understands the difficulties faced by veterans first hand. Kevin is passionate about helping veterans and is excited at the opportunity to continue serving Veterans at Loyola Marymount University. Kevin spends his free time playing Soccer, Fantasy Football, and hanging out with his wife Elizabeth and his Service Dog Smoky.

157 min

Frankie Guzman2022-10-15

I had the privilege and honor of collecting a conversation with Frank "The Tank" Guzman. The epitome of a leader. A man that has ducked and dodged the pitfalls of the streets to pursue and accomplish all of his goals. From community college to graduating from the California State University, Long Beach with his Masters Degree. A leader that has stood on the shoulders of giants to see further. The rose that grew from concrete!

89 min

Charles Ortega2022-07-08

19 year old Charles Ortega discusses what life was like losing his father at an early age, navigating his teen years flippin' the bird, while flipping burgers. While also educating us on the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone, preparing, planning, and learning. Discipline, consistency, and staying hungry is how he lives his life, all while remaining empathic, ambitious, and humble.

85 min

Joe Byron Rodriguez2022-03-31

One on one conversation with the talented and gifted Joe Byron. Mr. Byron is an international traveler, self proclaimed chip connoisseur, an avid late night snacker, and future leader of the free world. Take a trip into the murky waters of Mr. Byrons mind as he gives a breakdown of growing up in Southeast Los Angeles while surrounded by a collective of loving friends and family. He also has a serious bone to pick with all of you red fingered & red tongued 'ratchet hot Cheeto girls'

66 min

Joey & Danni Ornelas (the father daughter duo)2022-04-02

Sat down with the one and only Joey Ornelas. Joey is a Combat Veteran, Motorcycle enthusiast, business owner, and most importantly a loving father of two young female leaders. I also had the opportunity to sit down with his daughter Danni. Danni is a serial killer fanatic, athlete, future model, and is frequently woken up by a leaf blower by her pops. She will also frequently put down a few inn and out double doubles from time to time.

119 min

SGT Beanie PART II2022-07-22

The man, the myth, the legend. Uncle KEV returns to talk about his transition from the military, overcoming many obstacles, overcoming multiple arrests, he fought more gun charges than lil Wayne ,all while staying sane and graduating from USC.  A tale of resilience, a true leader who never sold dope, but sells plenty of HOPE!

106 min

El Mundo & J- Suave2022-04-17

Had the honor and privilege sitting in on a conversation with Raymond and Jersson. Raymond G is a USMC Veteran, athlete, student, caring kind brother, son, and grandson with a a heart of gold. J- Suave is an Army Veteran, student, son, boyfriend, and an overall leader. We went deep into this conversation and covered everything from being a Latin X male in todays society and what comes with that to being inspired from grandfathers and their passion for fishing. From punching other grown men in the face to studying psychology, we covered it all. Take a moment out of your day and dive deep into the minds of the future leaders of this nation. These men love, take care of others ,genuinely care and have a strong desire to make this world a better place after they leave it. Do you believe in aliens? Do you prefer green or red salsa? What do you eat for breakfast? What does leadership look like in your eyes? Adele come mess with us, Katie Perry come support the brand, BBQ Chicken of Fullerton come sponsor the next show.  Support team prospect.  Support the dream. Support these young leaders.  Drink water and take the stairs. Its a beautiful day to be alive!

184 min
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Society & Culture

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Conversation Collection

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