Good Low with Bailey Norton

Good Low with Bailey Norton

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Bailey Norton (LA Comedian, depression/anxiety) sits down with her friends to talk about low moments in their lives that ultimately weren't the end of the world.

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Introducing: Good Low with Bailey Norton2023-01-25

Bailey Norton can't talk about her lowest moment for reasons she's not at liberty to say, so she found a couple of microphones and asked her friends, family, and acquaintances to tell her about their low moments instead.  Episode 1 available 2/1/23 Theme music by Darby Anne Walker

2 min

Episode 1 - Spencer Cantrell was in a Car Accident2023-02-01

Content Warning: this story includes details of a car accident that are extremely graphic and may not be suitable for younger listeners or anyone especially sensitive to this kind of subject matter.  Welcome to the first episode of Good Low with Bailey Norton. This week, Bailey spends an hour talking with Spencer Cantrell, an actor and comedian in Los Angeles, CA by way of Muscle Shoals, Alabama. When he was seventeen years old, Spencer was in a car accident that changed his life forever, and he was generous enough to talk about it here.  Spencer's Instagram: @shakesbandit  A song Spencer listened to a lot at this time in his life Bailey's Instagram and Twitter Good Low with Bailey Norton Instagram and Twitter

64 min

Episode 2 - Dr. Ginney Norton is Overcoming Toxic Femininity2023-07-08

Welcome to Episode 2 of Good Low with Bailey Norton! This week, Bailey sits down with her cousin Ginney Norton, an educator, academic and researcher specializing in popular histories in gender, race, and sexuality. She considers herself an emotional cowboy. Ginney talks honestly about her own accountability in her low moments, especially in terms of the "victim role" that women are so often familiar with, and sometimes subconsciously choose to take.

70 min

Episode 3 - Jake Kroeger Survived his First Breakup2023-07-08

Valentine's Day episode! This week, Bailey sits down with Jake Kroeger (LA comedian, The Comedy Bureau) to talk about Jake's first ever relationship and breakup. It was only in his thirties that Jake experienced so much as his first kiss, and then shortly after that, a relationship that completely flipped his life upside down. Jake talks about the intoxicating upswing of love, the pain that comes when it ends, and what it took to put the pieces back together.  Follow Jake on Instagram at @notthesupermarket and check out The Comedy Bureau for all your LA and NYC comedy show/open mic listings Find Good low on Instagram and Twitter at @goodlowpod  Send me an email at

91 min

Episode 4 - Barrett Carroll Dated Men for One Year2023-07-08

Welcome to Episode 4 of Good Low! This week, Bailey sits down for an hour with Barrett Carroll (Conan, Cold Case Filed, Hack My Life) to talk about an extremely relatable low moment: dating men. Barrett discusses the events leading up to his decision to spend a year dating men, some of the man-dating perils he's experienced so far, and how it's going for him now.  Check out Barrett Carroll on TikTok and Instagram Follow Good Low on Instagram and Twitter Also if you want it, here's Bailey's Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok

63 min

Episode 5 - Sammy Mowrey had a Manic Episode2023-07-08

Welcome to Episode 5 of Good Low! This week Bailey sits down with comedian Sammy Mowrey (HBO Max, Adult Swim) to talk about the time Sammy had a manic episode and ended up in the same mental hospital their father was in years before due to a head injury -- the premise of one of Sammy's jokes, but this is the whole story behind it, and it's a wonderful episode.  Follow Sammy on Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter

67 min

Episode 6 - Pickle Didn't get into Grad School2023-07-08

Welcome to episode 6 of Good Low! This week Bailey sits down with her dear friend and previous podcast's co-host Pickle (Drag Queen Story Hour) to talk about the time Pickle poured his heart and soul into preparing and auditioning for MFA theater programs across the country, and didn’t get in. Pickle generously takes us through his journey of navigating rejection and transforming those feelings into a reinvigorated passion for drag.

62 min

Episode 7 - Gracie Simmonds was in Foster Care2023-07-08

Welcome to episode 7 of Good Low! This week Bailey sits down with friend and improvisor Gracie Simmonds as Gracie gets into what it was like entering the foster care system at the age of 16. Gracie talks about loneliness, belonging, and what it means to be your own best advocate, even when you don't want to be.  CW: There is brief mention of child abuse in this episode. Check out Gracie's TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube

72 min

Episode 8 - Rivkah Reyes is a Recovering Sex Addict2023-07-08

Welcome to Episode 8 of Good Low! This week Bailey sits down with Rivkah Reyes (School of Rock! Gianna! Comedy! Music! Tarot!) to chat about Rivkah's journey with addiction, particularly sex addiction, and what it feels like to break out of codependent habits.

90 min

Episode 9 - Max Beasley Blew Their Classmate2023-07-08

Welcome to Episode 9 of Good Low! This week, Bailey sits down with LA comedian Max Beasley as they talk about a lot of the things that they haven't ever talked about publicly before. They get into what high school was like for them, some impossibly difficult family dynamics, their gender identity, and of course, blowing their classmate. CW: there is graphic mention of sexual abuse in this episode

84 min

Episode 10 - Anastacia Anastascio was in a Love Triangle with her Stalker2023-07-08

Episode 10! Maybe you can tell from the title, but this one is a doozy. This week Bailey sits down with her good friend, the spiritual coach and tarot extraordinaire Anastacia Anastascio (@thespiritualgoth) to talk about something (or someone) who seems to keep hanging on. This story starts with the rise and fall of an important romantic relationship, and ends with the ways in which someone involved is (still) unable to leave Staci alone. Follow Staci on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube Visit her website

102 min

Episode 11 - Karan Batta had a Liver Transplant2023-07-08

Welcome to Episode 11 of Good Low! This week, Bailey sits down with a new friend, Karan Batta (actor, rapper, screenwriter) as he discusses what it was like to find out unexpectedly that he was in end-stage liver failure and was given only a few months to live. Follow Karan on Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter

61 min

Episode 12 - Will Brill got Divorced at 242023-07-08

Episode 12 of Good Low! This week, Bailey sits down with one of her best friends in the world, William Brill, as he discusses getting a divorce at the age of 24, being married to someone who struggled with alcoholism, and how this experienced shaped his perspective of the gay party scene.

68 min

Episode 13 - All of Drew Landry's Friends are Dead2023-07-08

Welcome to episode 13 of Good Low! This week, Bailey sits down with her friend Drew Landry (Comedian, All My Friends Are Dead) to talk about the deaths of two of his very close childhood friends who passed at different points in Drew's life, and the way he is processing his grief.

70 min
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