Hat Trick Lacrosse Picks

Hat Trick Lacrosse Picks


Welcome to Hat Trick Lax Picks, the show where we analyze every game, from every conference, so you can make the best picks. Join hosts, the three Garretts, every week for predictions for every men's Division I lacrosse game. Episodes drop on Tuesdays and cover the following week's slate of games.

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2023 Preseason Top 252023-01-31

With the 2023 season just around the corner, hear who made the cut in the official Hat Trick Lax Picks Picks preseason top 25 rankings. Time Stamps: #25 - #21: 0:01:27 - 0:14:32 #20 - #16: 0:14:46 - 0:30:30 #15 - #11: 0:30:34 - 0:50:54 #10 - #6: 0:50:55 - 1:07:55 #5 - #1: 1:08:00 - 1:32:29

94 min

Week 0 - The Wild West2023-01-31

Welcome to the first episode of picks for the season! Join us as we cover the 16 games from Week 0 happening on February 4-5. Time Stamps: Rankings: 0:00:42 - 0:01:48 DAWG of the Week: 0:02:25 - 0:07:30 Game Picks: 0:10:01 - 0:53:56

54 min

Week 1 - It's a Spring Sport2023-02-07

Though it was a frigid start to the season, the first weekend of 2023 lacrosse is in the books. This upcoming week, nearly every division I team takes the field. Listen for coverage and picks for the games from Feb 7-12. Episode Time Stamps: Rankings: 0:02:18 - 0:03:50 DAWGs of the Week (Jack Myers + Jack Dennehy): 0:04:00 - 0:08:05 Game Picks: 0:08:30 - 1:18:00

80 min

2023 Division I Conference Preview2022-12-20

Welcome to Hat Trick Lax Picks, the show where we analyze every game, from every conference, so you can make the best picks. Join hosts, the three Garretts, for a breakdown, preview, and predictions for every men's Division I lacrosse conference ahead of the 2023 season. Tune in January for the first episode of the new year and new season! Time Stamps ACC : 7:00 - 15:25 ASUN: 15:30 - 27:11 Big East: 27:14 - 36:36 CAA: 36:40 - 48:34 B1G : 48:37 - 56:22 MAAC: 57:12 - 1:09:05 American East: 1:11:05 - 11:22:20 Patriot: 11:22:25 - 11:32:27 Ivy League: 11:32:30 - 11:48:18 A10: 11:49:25 - 11:57:40

118 min

Week 2 - Guess Who's Back2023-10-05

After one of the wildest weekends in recent lacrosse memory, the season gets fully underway in week 2 with the Ivy League teams joining the party along with a few others, notably Notre Dame. Hear how our top 20 dramatically changed and who we picked in games for Feb 14-19. Episode Time Stamps: Rankings: 0:03:07 - 0:04:28 DAWG of the Week: 0:04:47 - 0:07:35 Weekday Game Picks: 0:07:40 - 0:21:40 Weekend Game Picks: 0:21:43 - 1:43:00

104 min

Week 3 - Dawgs & Frauds2023-10-05

The boys get together after another awesome week of lacrosse. Hounds are Up, Hoyas are astronomically down. We discuss Frauds, DAWGs, and Voigt gives us a taste of his singing talents. Historic matchups and plenty of first time games as well. Lots of discourse and drama around the corner with the season well underway. Episode Time Stamps: Rankings: 0:02:00 - 0:04:17 DAWG of the Week: 0:04:20 - 0:06:45 Weekday Games: 0:06:48 - 0:25:50 Weekend Games: 0:25:50 - 1:36:32

98 min

Week 4 - Hot 'n Cold2023-10-05

Our Top 10 is in shambles. But we’re here to pick up the pieces and reload for another exciting week of college lacrosse. Dreiband officially cuts ties with Georgetown. Voigt is riding high after the Terps took down Princeton. Glaeser’s Hounds are down, but not out whatsoever. Conference games are starting to ramp up, and the window for teams to get quality out-of-conference wins is closing fast. EpisodeTime Stamps: Rankings: 0:03:30 - 0:05:28 Dawg of the Week: 0:05:29 - 0:08:45 Weekday Games: 0:08:50 - 0:19:25 Weekend Games: 0:19:28 - 1:43:14

104 min

Week 5 - RPI Boosters2023-10-05

We're back to preview Week 5 of D1 college lacrosse. Dreiband and Glaeser have taken a commanding lead in the standings. Voigt had a tough week so be nice. G-town is revived with a big win against Princeton. Maryland and Notre Dame gave us the game of the year so far. There are still a couple weeks left for some teams to boost their RPI and get quality out-of-conference wins, but the window is closing. The boys discuss the upcoming slate of games for the second week of March. Episode Time Stamps: Rankings: 0:04:07 - 0:06:35 Dawg of the Week: 0:06:37 - 0:10:12 Weekday Games: 0:10:15 - 0:34:10 Weekend Games: 0:34:12 - 1:36:25

97 min

Week 6 - Oh How The Turntables2023-10-05

Premier conferences are vying to match the Ivy League's dominance of last year, and conference play ramping up across the landscape, the stakes are higher than they have been. Competitive mid-major conference games headline this week's action. And we are once again spoiled with another potential Memorial Day Weekend matchup between UVA and Maryland on Saturday. Episode Time Stamps: Rankings: 0:04:06 - 0:07:04 Dawg of the Week: 0:07:05 - 0:08:24 Weekday Games: 0:10:00 - 0:18:30 Weekend Games: 0:18:31 - 1:38:22

99 min

Week 7 - The Golden Throne2023-10-05

The top of the lacrosse standings appears to be a game of thrones. We are spoiled with tons of conference games and another Top 3 matchup. D1 and D3 standings are jumbled all over the place with upsets becoming the norm. Glaeser and Voigt give their recaps of the games they attended up in New Haven and at the Mustang Classic. The CAA, MAAC, and American East have made our minds pretzels. Episode Time Stamps: Rankings: 0:02:40 - 0:04:52 Dawg of the Week: 0:04:53 - 0:07:54 Weekday Games: 0:08:00 - 0:15:00 Weekend Games: 0:15:08 - 1:31:45

93 min

Week 8 - Conference Complications2023-10-05

From here on out, every game means so much more than the last. Conference play is in full swing with the A10 and the Big East joining the party, and for many the lone hope of getting a tournament bid is through their conference AQ. This will be the largest slate of games we will see all season, so no team should be feeling any fomo this week. Episode Time Stamps: Rankings: 0:03:05 - 0:06:17 Dawg of the Week: 0:06:18 - 0:08:40 Weekday Games: 0:08:48 - 0:31:10 Weekend Games: 0:31:12 - 1:38:45

101 min

Week 9 - Do Or Die2023-10-05

The carousel that is the NCAA continues to go round and round, and it is taking a big hit on how Voigt is approaching this slate of games. Glaeser is convinced Loyola is #14, and Dreiband is standing tall at the top of our pick standings. Duke enters the Thunderdome as the #1 team in the nation, and takes on Notre Dame this week to headline another critical week of conference play. Episode Time Stamps: Rankings: 0:03:02 - 0:06:43 Dawg of the Week: 0:06:48 - 0:08:50 Weekday Games: 0:08:51- 0:23:20 Weekend Games: 0:23:22 - 1:39:35

102 min

Week 10 - Glovegate!2023-10-05

Crazy stuff went down this weekend, and it has all of us questioning what may be coming in the near future for the final weeks of the regular season. Glove checks? It looks like the ACC is gatekeeping at-large Bids. It’s desperation time for a lot of teams to make their claim and gain some momentum for a conference tournament run. Episode Time Stamps: Rankings: 0:04:26 - 0:06:11 Dawg of the Week: 0:06:25 - 0:07:20 Weekday Games: 0:08:27 - 0:26:05 Weekend Games: 0:26:20 - 1:52:00

114 min

Week 11 - Rivalry Week2023-10-05

It’s Rivalry Week. Hearts will be broken, seasons will be spoiled, and teams will realize greatness in the midst of full stadiums. MAAC and ASUN will come down to the wire. Ivy League teams might rip each other to shreds for a tournament bid. One of the best weeks of the college lacrosse season is finally upon us. Episode Time Stamps: Rankings: 0:02:30 - 0:04:42 Dawg of the Week: 0:04:59 - 0:06:13 Weekday Games: 0:08:40 - 0:29:08 Weekend Games: 0:29:12 - 1:32:50

95 min

Week 12 - Lights, Camera, MAACtion!2023-10-05

A few conferences have their tournaments set. Some only have 1 spot left. Yale and Harvard play for the last spot in the Ivy League Tournament. The Big East could be decided by Goal Differential. MAAC and B1G tournament quarterfinals this weekend. Is the committee giving Syracuse an At-Large if they beat Duke this weekend? Our worst fears may just be realized. Episode Time Stamps: Rankings: 0:03:02 - 0:04:51 Dawg of the Week: 0:04:52 - 0:05:51 Weekday Games: 0:07:10 - 0:32:15 Weekend Games: 0:32:20 - 1:10:55 Conference Tournament Games: 1:11:03 - 1:28:51

94 min

Week 13 - Punch Your Ticket (Pt. 1)2023-10-05

It is tournament time! The boys pick the remaining quarterfinal and semifinal games for the week. You’ll also get a taste of some live reactions to the Patriot League and ASUN Quarterfinal games from Tuesday. The field has narrowed and the stage is set. Who can stay in the spotlight and who will get kicked off stage? Episode Time Stamps: Rankings: 0:03:46 - 0:05:27 Dawg of the Week: 0:06:11 - 0:07:26

97 min

Week 13 - Punch Your Ticket (Pt. 2)2023-10-05

We're back just like we promised to cover the full slate of weekend games. AQs will be locked down over the next 48 hours and bubble teams will be sweating it out until the bracket is revealed on Sunday. We'll return next week during our normal time to release our picks for the first round.

52 min

Week 14 - The Promised Land2023-10-05

543 regular season and conference postseason games have come and gone. We've arrived to the new season, the promised land. The national tournament commences this week with Marist taking on Delaware midweek. We cover that play-in game as well as all the other first round matchups from the bracket.

67 min

Week 15 - Hardware On The Horizon2023-10-05

Down a G this week, Glaeser and Voigt hold it down for the NCAA Quarterfinals. Michigan is on a warpath, but are they ready for the Blue Devils? Are UVA and Hopkins primed for early exits? We’ll see. Army and Penn State might also be the hardest game to pick this weekend. We also preview a stacked Division III Elite 8.

42 min

Week 16 - Finish The Job2023-10-05

We've reached Memorial Day Weekend. A championship is just two wins away for one of the four remaining teams. We'll make our picks for both semifinal games Saturday, and run through the four title game scenarios as well. Plus, we preview the DIII Championship ahead of Sunday's classic north/south showdown.

46 min
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