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Organic Vision Podcast


Providing motivation to those with a vision that they want to bring to reality. Follow me on IG and TicTok for more inspiration here: | |

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Organic Vision Podcast Introduction2023-01-17

Hello World,  I go by the name of Ty, and on this installment of the Organic Vision Podcast I introduce myself to you. The Organic Vision Podcast is on a mission to motivate and encourage its listeners to chase their visions. You have what it takes, you just have to take action. For anyone looking to embark on a vision this is the place to be. As I will share my experiences on my very own path to chasing after my vision. Hosted by Ty, conversations are candid, motivational, positive, and Organic. Join us!

6 min


Changes occur each and everyday in our life's, I'd like to share how I managed to navigate through those events. What were those obstacles? How did I manage? Where am I today? Listen to learn more on how you too can overcome life's changes.

16 min

Negative Thoughts2023-02-03

Negative thoughts pop in and out of our heads daily. Press play to hear how I combat negative thoughts, and how I continue to push thru on my journey to bringing my visions to reality.

15 min

Mind All Ova2023-10-05

Join me as I discuss the mental journey to find my organic visions. As I break down events that took me on many detours, however landing on a start-up clothing brand, daily exercise and podcast. You too may have been a mental reck trying to figure it all out, or maybe this is something you're currently up against. Either way this episode will share some things I did to get myself on track. Hopefully it can help you as well. Keep Chasing Y'all!

12 min

New Beginnings2023-10-05

Is it time for a new beginning??? Has a life event presented itself??? Are you just tried and want something new??? Join me as I discuss my new beginnings. On Episode 4 we will talk about your why, new routines, staying consistent, in addition to being able to articulate your vision to the world or to those that want to help you along the way. This will provide some ideas and important variables to have thought out before you embark on your new journey. Keep Chasing Y'all!

32 min

The Reset2023-10-05

Life events happen, the world always has so much going on. There comes a time where a reset is vital for peace. Join me as I discuss a few topics that are geared towards hitting the REST button. Always remember you can overcome any challenge that life presents. Keep Chasing Y'all!!!

27 min


While chasing our visions in the world, there are many events that can take place. I've been in a constant rebranding phase over the past two years of my life. Experiencing so many new emotions through the highs and lows, I discuss in this episode a few things that helped me. After leaving a career to being laid off of another one, the road has been tough. However I will not quit, instead my hunger to chase my visions intensifies. Maybe you can put into practice some of my methods maybe not. KEEP CHASING Y'ALL!!!

26 min

The American Rat Race2023-10-05

What is my take on the American Rat Race? How has it affected some decisions along my journey? Do you struggle with being a YES man or woman to please others? Are you challenged with asking yourself if you are enough on your journey? These questions and many more is what I bring to the table in Episode 7. Sit back and relax, or not as I share some intimate stories, and struggles I've encountered on my journey. KEEP CHASING Y'ALL!

42 min

Stay In Your Lane2023-10-05

Staying in your lane is vital to the success of your vision. It's important to not be distracted by others in our industries and practices. Your supporters want the authentic you, and can tell when you aren't who you say you are. I discuss how I manage to stay in my lane when building my business on Episode 8, as well as some mistakes I made as well as the outcomes. KEEP CHASING!!!

28 min

Good Company2023-10-05

Our circles, family, friends, associates and other groups we may spend time with can make or break the chance to bring our visions to reality. Those who we allow to be apart of our lives can either assist in progressing or hindering the journey. It's important to take inventory of those individuals and decide if any changes need to be made. I'll explain the reason why in this episode. KEEP CHASING Y'ALL, PEACE!!!!

24 min

Finding Peace2023-10-05

Season One has come to a close, join me as we recap each episode briefly. In addition to finding peace and how that fits into the story of season one. Finding the space and place that generates peace for you is important to your journey. You need to the balance and ability to navigate through the highs and lows on your path. Peace can come in handy when those times present themselves. KEEP CHASING!!! #podcast #viral #fyp #peace

23 min

The TakeOver2023-10-05

It has been a while, time to catch up!!! In this episode I discuss the off balance vision and daily obligations in life. How I let my vision takeover and lead to a crash and burn. Please learn from me on what not to do! KEEP CHASING Y'ALL ✌🏽

20 min
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