Whose Dice Are These Anyway?

Whose Dice Are These Anyway?


A podcast where the story is made up and the rules barely matter.

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S1 E1: Not Your Grandparents' Game of "Blades In The Dark."2023-01-26

The group creates characters and begins their journey into the game "Blades In The Dark". Twitter: @whosedice Email:

50 min

S1 E2: Introducing the Slay Dawgs!2023-01-26

The crew loads up their wagon and embarks on their first score. Twitter: @whosedice Email:

66 min

S1 E3: I'm The Rat Man Now!2023-02-02

The Slay Dawgs do some spelunking and mark their territory. Twitter: @whosedice Email:

68 min

S1 E4: Gonzo Is Normal2023-08-24

Gonzo has a confrontation at the local farmer's market, Kathy gets hit on in a vision, and Jacque goes foraging for an elderly lady. Twitter: @whosedice Email:

63 min

S1 E5: Which Frog Gets You High Versus Which One Kills You?2023-08-24

The Slay Dawgs face off against a were-crocodile.  Twitter: @whosedice Email:

40 min

S1 E6: The Obi-Wan Hotdog Variant2023-08-24

The Slay Dawgs get into a hairy situation and have to split. Twitter: @whosedice Email:

54 min

S1 E7: Maple Methadone2023-08-24

The Slay Dawgs meet a new friend. Twitter: @whosedice Email:

59 min

S1 E8: Kathy F*@ks, Gonzo Cooks, and Jacque Looks For Them Shoes!2023-08-24

The Slay Dawgs enter a contest. Twitter: @whosedice Email:

59 min

S1 E9: Building The Harpee Ghillie Suit2023-08-24

The Slay Dawgs enter a not-so-friendly competition. Twitter: @whosedice Email:

57 min

S1 E10: Dynamite Boy2023-08-24

The Slay Dawgs get crafty on the harpee hunt. Twitter: @whosedice Email:

62 min

S1 E11: Tier's Just A Number, Baby!2023-08-24

The Slay Dawgs complete their hunt and have a meeting with the Red Wardens. Twitter: @whosedice Email:

65 min

S1 E12: # Nothing For Ja2023-08-24

The Slay Dawgs roll into Night Fort and embrace the future. Twitter: @whosedice Email:

54 min

S1 E13: Big Strong Back2023-08-24

The Slay Dawgs tangle with some Howlers. Blades In The Dark, TTRPG, Comedy Twitter: @whosedice Email:

51 min

S1 E14: Big Strong Back Part Deux2023-08-24

The Slay Dawgs continue their fight against the Howlers and runs into some old friends. Twitter: @whosedice Email:

47 min

S1 E15: A Night At The Kinky Boots Tavern2023-08-24

The Slay Dawgs visit one of Kathy's old haunts for a chance to indulge their vices and relieve some stress. Twitter: @whosedice Email:

72 min

S1 E16: Caught Up In The Gaslight2023-08-24

The Slay Dawgs take a job from a Djinn and try to learn to play well well with others. Twitter: @whosedice Email:

53 min

S1 E17: Bawk Bawk, Bitch!2023-08-24

The Slay Dawgs embark on an epic quest full of intrigue, deception, and... plants? Twitter: @whosedice Email:

56 min

S1 E18: "Leave The Door Open, Friends."2023-08-24

The season finale for the Slay Dawgs. Twitter: @whosedice Email:

63 min

S1 E19: After The FInal Roll2023-08-24

The cast discuss the first season and the possible future of the Slay Dawgs. Please join us for the second season of Whose Dice starting next week where we play FATE CORE. Twitter: @whosedice Email:

59 min

S2 E1: They Always Forget About The Dragons2023-08-24

The group conducts a session zero for the new game being played this season...FATE CORE. Twitter: @whosedice Email:

71 min
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