Throwing Bagels Podcast

Throwing Bagels Podcast


Chris, Jay and Kevin are longtime friends who met while students at SUNY Oswego. For the Throwing Bagels podcast, they’ll talk about sports relevant to upstate and/or downstate New York, and sometimes won’t talk sports at all!

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Throwing Bagels Episode 1 - Why ‘Throwing Bagels’?2022-12-29

The Throwing Bagels hosts talk about how their attending SUNY Oswego's broadcasting program led to the creation of 'Throwing Bagels' as the podcast name. Chris, Jay and Kevin also talk about the various topics the podcast will broach, including plenty of conversations with folks behind the scenes who help make sports exciting game in and game out.

29 min

Throwing Bagels Episode 2 - Brent Axe2023-01-12

Syracuse sports talk show host and columnist Brent Axe joins the Throwing Bagels Podcast to talk about an incredibly emotional week for the Buffalo Bills and their fans, recap the Syracuse University football season, provide a mid-season review of SU men’s hoops, and look ahead to what’s in store for the SU Athletics program.

46 min

Throwing Bagels Episode 3 - Joe Yerdon2023-01-30

Veteran NHL journalist and fellow SUNY Oswego alum Joe Yerdon joins the Throwing Bagels Podcast to discuss a potential playoff push by the Buffalo Sabres, provide the backstory behind his popular Noted Hockey publication, and relay his story of witnessing what might have been the beginning of the end for the SUNY Oswego bagel-throwing tradition.

47 min

Throwing Bagels Episode 4 - Robert Ford (Part 1)2023-08-19

Houston Astros radio play-by-play announcer Robert Ford joins the Throwing Bagels Podcast to talk about MLB’s efforts to increase diversity at all levels of the sport, what the newly hired Carlos Beltran could bring to the Mets, how his grandfather and father helped develop his passion for the game, and what it was like to grow up in the Bronx as a Mets fan.

42 min

Throwing Bagels Episode 4 - Robert Ford (Part 2)2023-08-19

In Part 2 of his interview with the Throwing Bagels Podcast, Houston Astros radio play-by-play announcer Robert Ford talks about his father’s career as a hip hop pioneer; Robert also recounts his experience at Syracuse University, discusses what it was like reporting on the 9/11 attacks just a few months after graduation, and describes his ascent in baseball broadcasting from Yakima to Houston.

50 min

Throwing Bagels Episode 5 - Pitchers and Catchers!2023-08-19

In a bonus episode, Throwing Bagels co-hosts Chris, Jay and Kevin talk about one of the best days of the year, when pitchers and catchers kick off spring training. They also talk about the now-permanent ‘ghost runner’ rule, their favorite sports broadcasters while growing up, and whether the New York City area may soon witness a wave of championship teams.

29 min

Throwing Bagels Episode 6 - Tom Roche2023-08-19

Former ESPN supervising producer and Stormers 15 Media Group founder Tom Roche joins The Throwing Bagels podcast to talk about his experience at ESPN, including his philosophy behind assembling the SportsCenter Top 10 highlight package; Tom also remembers the late Barry Sacks, who played a significant role in making ESPN the force that it is today, and discusses how he is helping aspiring sports media professionals land their dream job.

50 min

Throwing Bagels Episode 7 - Dom Izzo2023-08-19

Longtime WDAY-TV Sports Director and fellow SUNY Oswego grad Dom Izzo joins the Throwing Bagels Podcast to talk about some of his favorite moments covering sports in the Fargo, North Dakota area, including coming very close to working at the Super Bowl; Dom also discusses how his sports broadcasting experience at Oswego High School helped him get a head start at SUNY Oswego, and shares his belief that the future is looking bright for his beloved New York Jets.

44 min

Throwing Bagels Episode 8 - Super Salty Bagel Edition2023-08-19

In a bonus episode, Chris, Jay and Kevin react to the news that longtime Syracuse sports talk show host Brent Axe was fired from ESPN Syracuse for being too negative when talking about SU sports.

31 min

Throwing Bagels Episode 9 - Jason Leone2023-08-19

In a bonus episode, SUNY Oswego men’s basketball coach Jason Leone joins the Throwing Bagels Podcast to talk about his team’s historic season, which included the first Elite Eight appearance in program history and setting new records for the longest winning streak and the most wins in a season; he also talks about what’s behind the team’s continued success, and discusses his go-to order at a well-known Oswego sandwich shop.

43 min

Throwing Bagels Episode 10 - Jason Smorol2023-08-19

Syracuse Mets General Manager Jason Smorol joins the Throwing Bagels Podcast to talk about some new food options coming to the ballpark this year, including some BREAKING NEWS on a newly added delicacy; he also talks about the “Mets Effect” on upstate New York, and how his role as a GM in the International League differs from the role of a GM at the Major League level.

65 min

Throwing Bagels Episode 11 - Ray Martel2023-08-19

The Executive Producer of Mets baseball on WCBS-AM 880 and former WFAN-AM producer Ray Martel joins the Throwing Bagels Podcast to talk about the new additions to the Mets radio booth, and takes us behind the scenes of how WCBS worked to hire them; Ray also shares some memories of his time producing Joe Benigno’s overnight show at WFAN, and reflects on what Steve Cohen and his family has brought to the Mets since buying the franchise.

58 min

Throwing Bagels Episode 12 - Tamara Cunningham2023-08-19

SUNY Oswego Auxiliary Services purchasing manager and fellow Oswego grad Tamara Cunningham joins the Throwing Bagels Podcast to talk about the legendary Chicken Patty Day at Oswego and her experience with it both as a student and as an Auxiliary Services employee; she also talks about how students’ tastes have evolved over the years, and shares her experiences with throwing bagels at the Golden Romney Fieldhouse.

63 min

Throwing Bagels Episode 13 - Chris Mack2023-08-19

SUNY Oswego history professor Dr. Chris Mack joins the Throwing Bagels Podcast to talk about his popular History of Sports course and how sports has changed over time; he also explains why soccer is so popular around the world, and provides an inside look at his role as Oswego’s faculty athletics representative.

51 min

Throwing Bagels Episode 14 - Robert Zayas2023-08-19

New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) Executive Director Dr. Robert Zayas joins the Throwing Bagels Podcast to discuss a new regulation that aims to stop unruly spectators from ruining high school games; he also talks about the 100th anniversary of the association and its impact on high school sports in New York, and shares the story of how he wound up in the Capital District after spending his life in Texas and New Mexico.

57 min

Throwing Bagels Episode 15 - Maria Leaf2023-08-19

Washington Examiner Senior Engagement Editor and fellow SUNY Oswego alum Maria Leaf joins The Throwing Bagels Podcast to talk about living and working in Washington DC; she also discusses what it’s like to suddenly transition from being one of the youngest members of a newsroom to being one of the oldest, and shares how her experience at Oswego led her to a career in one of the largest media markets in the country.

59 min

Throwing Bagels Episode 16 - Alex Russo2023-08-19

Bleacher Report Open Ice Hockey Expert and Content Programmer Alex Russo joins The Throwing Bagels Podcast to discuss the Stanley Cup Finals, break down the offseason to-do list for the New York Rangers, and explain how her experience at SUNY Cortland set the stage for her to become an NHL journalist. Plus, Alex, a Staten Island native, admits to rooting for some pro sports teams that are outside of New York City, which provides Chris with an opportunity to, once again, bring up his beloved Chicago Bulls.

59 min

Throwing Bagels Episode 17 - Ade Ellis2023-08-19

CBS Sports Associate Director/producer Ade Ellis, a three-time Emmy winner and fellow Oswego alum, joins the Throwing Bagels Podcast to give a behind-the-scenes look at the recent PGA of America Tournament broadcast; he also talks about his role in the creation of the CBS Sports series Beyond Limits, and discusses how being a student-athlete at Oswego led to his first full-time job in sports broadcasting.

56 min

Throwing Bagels Episode 18 - Dan Harrington2023-08-19

Oswego Harborfest Executive Director Dan Harrington joins the Throwing Bagels Podcast to preview the upcoming four-day extravaganza; Jason learns something new about The Guess Who, and Chris believes the US Women’s National Team is likely headed to an unprecedented three-peat at the World Cup.

44 min

Throwing Bagels Episode 19 - Marc Beck2023-08-19

Major League Baseball Director of Media and Market Research - and fellow Oswego grad - Marc Beck joins the Throwing Bagels Podcast to talk about how MLB’s recent rule changes are paying off; he also shares his experience serving on the Oswego Alumni Board of Directors, and discusses what it’s like to prepare for and complete the world-famous New York City Marathon.

59 min
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