Seed the RNG

Seed the RNG


Every week we discuss random topics that we find interesting. We are three friends with a variety of interests and expertise. In general, you can expect conspiracy theories, current event news, and some fuc*ed up jokes 馃槂.

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#1: Rip The Bandaid2022-12-30

The first episode of our podcast. We discuss Trump, aliens, based homeless people, and Musky Boi.

45 min

#2: Free Top G2023-01-01

This week we talk about Andrew Tate and the allegations brought with him. We also discuss climate change and the dangers of the upcoming FedCoin.

69 min

#3: The Occult of The Elites2023-01-08

This week we talk about the patterns we have noticed within the 'Elites'. We touch a little on the Illuminati and Free Masons as well as the religious connotations associated with the symbols the 'Elites' use.

63 min

#4: Dinosaurs Did Not Exist and Evolution Is Fake2023-01-22

This week we talk about ghosts, ouija boards, evolution and Dinosaurs. Is evolution fake? Listen and find out.

72 min

#5: Electric Cars Are A SCAM & CoVid Drama2023-01-29

This week we talk about the environment impacts of electric cars and why you should probably buy a gas cars, the elite sex cult. Also, is 5G lowering the sperm of Tyler? Find out this episodes.

59 min

#6: Chinese Ballons & EMPs2023-02-05

Tyler pops off! We talk about the Chinese Ballon and potential of an EMP attack. ChatGPT and how it's a scam and you should avoid using it. We also talk about new developments in the Andrew Tate case (free my boi!). Finally, is Tyler on the hunt for a lady boy? Find out!

63 min

#17: The Johnny Cryptocurrency Hour - Part 12023-06-22

In this episode, we bring in Johnny to discuss his thoughts on Crypto with a totally unbiased perspective 馃槂

73 min

#16: Power of Words: The Placebo Effect2023-06-22

In this episode we talk about the power of words and the Placebo Effect. How just thinking about and identifying as something gives power to the idea. We also talk about immigration and the current problem we have in America.

62 min

#15: Crypto Is Lame, Buy Gold2023-06-22

In this episode we talk about weird Steven Crowder allegations, why big daddy Alex Jones is the GOAT, red pill women grifters, how weird Denver Airport is designed. We also talk about BRICS - a collection of 'emerging economies' that are threatening the American dollar. Since America is exporting degenerate values and heading down a virtual central dollar, is this a good thing? Is Crypto the solution or the problem or should we go back to the gold standard? Finally, we dive a little into trans-humanism and the dark road for humanity and our thoughts on AI, VR and AR.

87 min

#14: Is The Red Pill Another Cope To Keep You Sedated?2023-06-22

In this episode we go to task on the the red pill movement and criticize Fresh and Fit. While a step in the good direction, there are some gaps that will lead men astray. Should men have multiple wifes? Would we let our daughters date a man like Andrew Tate? We also talk about the shocking connection between vampires and todays elites.

84 min

#13: Conservative Leadership Is WEAK2023-06-22

In this episode we go to task on conservative. We talk about the weak leadership, the cult like behavior and talk about what leadership looks like. We also talk about alternatives and next steps. Can we save Tyler from Christianity? Find out this episode!

68 min

#12: Tates Have Been Freed, Balance Restored2023-06-22

HEATED DEBATE on the failed society that is America... The Tates have been released from Romanian jail and placed under house arrest. However, Trump got targeted again this week... We also dive into flat earth - is it actually credible 馃.

109 min

#11: Banks Continue To Fail But All Is OK2023-06-22

So I guess Donald Trump didn't get arrested. Also, why do banks keep failing all while the feds say nothing is wrong... In this episode we talk about the current state of banks, Trump, part time jobs, and women 馃榾.

121 min

#10: America A Collection of Failed States?2023-06-22

Olive Garden closes at 11 and we have a lot to talk about... Trump is getting arrested, America is on the verge of being a collection failed state. Are people too focused on celebrities and less focused on failing banks?

101 min

#9: Did Silicon Valley Reap What They Sow? SVB Just The Start?2023-06-22

In this episode we talk about SVB (Silicon Valley Bank) collapse, strange weather patterns, senate hearings, and the red pill. Also, is Tyler considered obese 馃 - find out this episode!

86 min

#8: Are Celebrities Clones? Part 22023-06-22

This is a continuation of episode 8 where we talk about the train derailment that is causing environmental problems, celebrity clones and much more 馃槈

28 min

#8: Are Celebrities Clones?2023-06-22

This episode we talk about the train derailment that is causing environmental problems, celebrity clones and much more 馃槈

71 min

#7: Tyler Is Becoming An Expat2023-06-22

This episode we talk about expats, the Chinese ballons sequel, the rapture and Ukraine church ban. Also, is Tim Pool a c*ck for Elize Bleu?

63 min

#19: Nature Vs Nurture2023-07-11

In this episode; we talk about the concept of nature vs nurture. We also talk about the concept of tabula rasa (clean slate) that falls under the nurture side of the argument and how it doesn't make sense. Oh, we also talk about reptoids and other conspiracy theories 馃槈

84 min

#18: How Your Sedated Life Could Be Better2023-07-11

In this episode; we talk about all the things that keep you sedated, hollow and flat Earth theories and chem trails / climate control.

106 min
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