Triple Babble: A Dallas Cowboys NFL Podcast

Triple Babble: A Dallas Cowboys NFL Podcast


Three Dallas Cowboys fans (Trev, Jefe, and TP) discuss all things NFL! Weekly game breakdowns and analysis, fantasy football advice, betting angles, and dedicated Dallas Cowboys content!

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EPISODE 12022-09-12

First episode of Triple Babble podcast where we talk all things NFL including game predictions, fantasy football, sports betting, and Dallas Cowboys content.

107 min

EP 2: NFL Week 2 - Thursday Night Football2022-09-16

Episode 2: We're discussing Week 2 Thursday Night Football Chargers vs Chiefs, and some updates on our Dallas Cowboys (they're saying we're eliminated from playoffs already 😭 )

52 min

EP 3: NFL Week 2 Sunday and Monday Football2022-09-19

Episode 3 we're discussing the rest of NFL Week 2 - (Sunday and Monday Night Football matchups). We also have a heated discussion on if the Cowboys can compete with new QB 1 Cooper Rush! (we can only hope 🙏 )

116 min

EP 4: NFL Week 3 - Thursday Night Football2022-09-23

Episode 4 of Triple Babble! We're recapping all the action (COWBOYS VICTORY!) from Week 2 of the NFL, and looking ahead to the start of Week 3 with Thursday Night Football (Steelers vs Browns). El Jefe re-joins us after abruptly leaving last weeks episode 🤣.

84 min

EP 5: IN RUSH WE TRUST - NFL WEEK 4: Thursday Night Football2022-09-29

Episode 5 of Triple Babble! Reaction to the Cowboys win on Monday Night Football against the Giants. We also give our picks and analysis for the Thursday Night Football matchup between the Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Bengals.  Our new moto is: In Rush We Trust!!

24 min

EP 6: NFL Week 4 Sunday and Monday Football2022-10-01

Episode 6 of Triple Babble! Reaction to Thursday Night Football (Tua's injury).  We also give our picks and analysis for the rest of Week 4. RIP Gavin Escobar 🏈 🙏

112 min

EP 7: NFL Week 5 Thursday Night Football2022-10-07

Episode 7 of Triple Babble! It's the beginning of Week 5 of the NFL season! We give our picks and analysis for Thursday Night Football between the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos.  We also look ahead and preview the upcoming games for Week 5, and discuss how well the Cowboys have been playing 🤠 .

34 min

EP 8: NFL Week 5 Sunday and Monday Football2022-10-09

Episode 8 of Triple Babble! The guys recap the worst TNF game we can remember 😭 (Colts v Broncos), and discuss all the angles for rest of week 5!

122 min

EP 9: NFL Week 6 - Around the NFL and Thursday Night Football2022-10-13

The crew discuss the latest news around the NFL, and provide a full breakdown of the Thursday Night Football matchup of Commanders vs Bears. (Allegedly the Commanders need a QB👀)

47 min

EP 10: NFL WEEK 7 - Around the NFL, Thursday Night Football, and Dak's BACK2022-10-21

It's episode 10 of Triple Babble! The guys recap the past week (Week 6), discuss current news around the NFL, examine the Cowboys loss to the Eagles, and look ahead to provide analysis for Thursday Night Football Saints vs Cardinals. Dak’s BACK this week👍🏽

36 min

EP 11: NFL Week 8 - NFL roundup, Cowboy's Talk, and Thursday Night Football2022-10-28

It’s episode 11 of Triple Babble Podcast! The guys react to the big moments from last week in the NFL, discuss Dak Prescott’s return in the Cowboys win over the Lions, and provide an analysis and betting preview for Thursday Night Football between the Raven’s and Buccaneers.

40 min

EP 13: NFL WEEK 9 - Sunday/Monday Football and The Boys Bye Week2022-11-05

It’s episode 13 of Triple Babble Podcast! The guys recap Thursday Night Football (Eagles remain undefeated 😢), look ahead to the Sunday and Monday games, and discuss expectations for the The Boys when they return from their bye week.

93 min


It's episode 14 of Triple Babble! It's the beginning of Week 10 of the NFL season! We recap last weeks big moments, and give our picks and analysis for Thursday Night Football between the Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers.

40 min

EP 15: NFL WEEK 10 - Sunday/Monday Football and The Boys in Green Bay2022-11-13

It's episode 15 of Triple Babble! The guys breakdown each game for Sunday and Monday, and TP shares his first defensive Playmaker of the week! We also discuss our expectations for the Cowboys, and head coach Mike McCarthy's much anticipated matchup in Green Bay against the Packers!

106 min

EP 16: NFL WEEK 11 - Thursday Night Football2022-11-17

It's episode 16 of Triple Babble! The guys recap week 10, discuss what went wrong in The Boys loss this past week, and analyze the upcoming matchup between Titans and Packers on Thursday Night Football.

32 min

EP 17: NFL Week 11 - Sunday and Monday Football2022-11-19

It's episode 17 of Triple Babble! The guys recap week 16 Thursday Night Football, and look ahead to the upcoming Sunday and Monday games.

71 min


It's Thanksgiving and episode 18 of Triple Babble! The crew breaks down and provides our analysis for the three Thanksgiving Day games, we recap last week and  The Boys 40 - 3 win over the Vikings, and last but not least breakdown the Giants vs Cowboys aka the Odell Bowl! (winner supposedly gets to sign OBJ)

49 min

EP 19: NFL WEEK 12 - THANKSGIVING/ODELL BOWL Recap and Sunday/Monday Football Analysis2022-11-27

It's Episode 19 of Triple Babble! The guys recap the Thanksgiving games and the Odell Bowl (Cowboys v Giants). We also provide a breakdown and analysis and of the upcoming Sunday and Monday games for week 12!

88 min

EP 20: NFL Week 13 - Thursday Night Football2022-12-01

It's Episode 20 of Triple Babble! The guys recap big games from last week, discuss The Boys chances to win out the rest of the season, and analyze the Thursday Night Football match between the Bills and Patriots.

38 min

EP 21: NFL Week 12 - TNF Recap and Sunday/Monday Football Preview2022-12-04

21 21 21! It's Episode 21 of Triple Babble! We recap week 12 Thursday Night Football and provide analysis for the upcoming Sunday and Monday football games. Also we have an in depth discussion for Colts v Cowboys!

81 min
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