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We tend to overestimate what we can do in one year, but we grossly underestimate what we can accomplish in five years. You do not need to be the smartest person in the room and you do not need to be the most gifted, you just need to be powered by something deeper to break the chains of what is your ’normal.’ Nothing life changing happens in your comfort zone. Trent & Karissa are entrepreneurs and owners in multiple businesses/investments and have been recognized nationally and globally for their impact in the real estate industry. Trent says, ”There are two types of consumers out there. Those that will transact in the immediate future and those that will transact someday. I believe that if we focus on making a difference in peoples lives during the time they are NOT transacting, everything else will just fall into place. Every other agent and business is focused on the immediate satisfaction and those people that need to transact asap. We are focused on the majority of the population that are going to transact some day.” Prior to real estate, Trent was in the hotel industry, most recently at Four Seasons Hotel Miami. It was there that he fell in love with the concierge role and the art of making things happen. He has adopted the title ’Les Clef d’Or Realtor’ which is inspired by the highest honor amongst the concierge community. Les Clef d’Or is French and translates to ’The Golden Keys.’ It is said that Les Clefs d’Or Concierge holds the golden keys to the city. Trent feels that by providing endless opportunity and resources for his community, he holds the golden keys to the city as well and can share those with his people. Karissa spent most of her professional career in consumer goods and handled the most demanding and sizable accounts(Target Corp, QVC, Menards, and more). Her ability to manage and her attention to detail made her the perfect partner in real estate as she took the Director of Operations role and ran with it. Karissa is recognized as one of the most skilled and admired operations persons in the largest real estate company in the world.

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How Lakeville Schools & ”3D Response Systems” are Leading the Charge in School Safety2023-09-11

Trent & Karissa sit down with owners of 3D Response Systems, Peter Matos and Jason Polinski. Together, the two represent over 50 years in law enforcement, which has given them a different perspective on what needs to happen to limit loss of life in school crisis, specifically in active shooter situations. "In 2015, 3D Response Systems was founded because a paradigm shift of this topic was long overdue. We have devoted our lives to helping keep our fellow humans as safe as we can. We took what we know, and what history has shown effective, and applied it to a threat that has existed in our society for centuries." You can learn more about 3D Response Systems on their website:

50 min

This Week with Trent & Karissa2023-09-11

The MN Zoo's Treetop Trail opens this week! A few Lakeville updates and things to know! Does your hometown have a "_____ Days" party?  What do you want to do or experience before the end of the summer?  Lastly, Trent advises you to 'Be the CFO of your household and treat it as a business.' Link to wealth tracker video here:

19 min

Wills, Trusts & Estates, OH MY! Family/Estate Planning simplified with Sophia Grotkin2023-09-11

What will happen to my estate and everything I own and have worked for once I leave the earth? It's a topic of conversation that many avoid or put off until it is too late. Isn't this for old people? Rich people? Sick people? NO. It is for everyone and there is never a bad time to begin this process, especially if you have kids or large estate/assets. For Karissa and I, we wanted to make sure that our kids would be taken care of if anything were ever to happen to us, so we confided in our great friend and estate planning expert, Sophia Grotkin. When not at work, Sophia enjoys hiking, eating delicious meals at local restaurants throughout the Twin Cities, and exploring the abundant State Parks and International destinations with her adventurous family and friends. Education: Admitted to practice law in Minnesota & Oregon (inactive) J.D., University of Minnesota Law School B.A. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Communication Studies and Family Violence Studies Magna Cum Laude ZOLD Real Estate KW Select Realty Trent & Karissa Zimmer 612-758-0760

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From 1 AirBnB to 1,109 units in less than 7 years. How Kyle Kovats went all-in on Multi-Family!2023-09-11

It all started when Kyle realized that there was a need for his friends that wanted to spend the weekend in New York City and not have to take a cab across the river... He had no idea at the time that this would grow into something much larger. Hear about how Kyle took his life to the next level and is now general partner in 1,109 units! Kyle is well known in the real estate community for his tax strategies and shares all of it on his youtube channel, where he has over 2,000 subscribers.

50 min

THIS WEEK - Using Leverage in Your Personal Life to Create White Space & Happiness!2023-09-11

Sick of cleaning? Laundry stacking up? Lawn care taking away your weekends? This list goes on! Trent & Karissa share how pulling different levers in their personal lives has allowed them more white space on their calendar and ultimately more time spent together as a family. Trent often thinks about a quote he once heard, 'Every time you say yes to something, you're saying no to something else. So, what are you saying no to?"   Just because you CAN do it, doesn't mean you should.

32 min

THIS WEEK - The Energy Matrix & Deciding Where to Spend Your Time2023-09-11

This week, Trent and Karissa share one of the best activities you can do for your productivity and overall happiness. This activity will help you decide where to spend your time, what makes you feel good and what is robbing you financially, but also robbing you of your most valued assets, time & energy!

28 min

How MASH has Raised the Standard in Human Performance & Development - RING THE BELL!2023-09-11

Trent & MASH Co-Owner, Steve McGuiggan, caught up and discussed the past, present and future of MASH Performance. "In 2012 we began a gym committed to improving how health and wellness services were provided to prep athletes. We only had two racks and 800 square feet of training space. Located inside of a batting cage facility on a mezzanine, we put our heads down and started coaching. By providing exceptional service and personal touch, we have grown our brand and reputation to serve over 250 members on a monthly basis. MASH has matured into a dynamic business focused on all aspects of sports performance and human development. We have built a world class reputation in player development, on field success, and athlete support. No more going to multiple locations to train. We are bringing the best in the business at skill development, competition, strength & conditioning, and athletic medicine together to support our members. With all professions working together, we can create comprehensive development plans based on ability, age, commitment, and goals."

30 min

THIS WEEK - You don’t have time, be careful who you give your heartbeats to...2023-09-11

Our trip to Austin, TX was amazing and we met some truly incredible human beings!  We share our ahas from the trip on THIS WEEK.

36 min

THIS WEEK - The best opportunity in real estate right now is...2023-09-11

This week we are talking real estate. What is going on in our market? Where are the opportunities?

21 min

Ron DiFrancesco - Believed to be The Last One Out of The South Tower, September 11, 20012023-09-11

With his blessing, we bring you the story of Ron DiFrancesco, believed to be the last known survivor to leave the south tower as it was collapsing on September 11, 2001. Ron was on the 84th floor when the wing of the airliner came slicing through his trading room. His recollection is vivid and chilling. Many times during this conversation we were left speechless, not really knowing where to go next. It is a heavy story and one that has challenged Ron for many years. Ron now shares his story openly in hopes that he can inspire others that are experiencing tragedy or loss. "Life's a journey for all of us. There may be hiccups along the way. You just need to know how to navigate through those. There will always be a better day." - Ron DiFrancesco If you've enjoyed this conversation, please subscribe and leave a review! It helps us help more people! As always, thanks for supporting The Golden Keys!

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THIS WEEK - Is the QR Code Dead? At what $ is the coffee just too overpriced? Are shorts in the workplace acceptable in summer?2023-09-16

This week we discuss a lot of things, including the QR Code, absurd coffee prices and more!     Please consider subscribing and leaving a 5 star review!     We love you all!

39 min

Learn to Love The Turbulence: Amelia Rose Earhart’s Around the World Tribute to Amelia Earhart2023-11-13

I was up at a cocktail bar at a friends backyard party when I looked over and noticed a young lady with a name tag, "Amelia Rose Earhart." I laughed and thought to myself, "I wonder if she flies...?" Not more than 5 minutes later, she was introduced to the party as the guest of honor as she was releasing her new book 'Learn to Love the Turbulence" which is a story about her flight around the globe in a single prop plane to honor her names predecessor, Amelia Earhart. Amelia is an Author, speaker, around the world pilot & artist. To order your personalized copy of 'Learn to Love the Turbulence' click here: Ameilia's Abstract Aerial Artwork: Book Amelia: Amelia Rose Earhart on Instagram: Apple Podcast: Link Coming! Leave a review: As always, thanks for supporting The Golden Keys!

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THIS WEEK - What is the definition of success?2023-11-13

Last week, Trent was mentoring some students when the group was asked to define success. It's a great question and one that has been asked many times over, but have we ever settled on a definition?  What are your thoughts?

41 min

How Perspective Led to Fearlessness for Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club Owner, David Penn2023-11-13

David has an incredible story of perseverance and optimism. His daily outlook and attitude is fueled by a changed perspective after he narrowly escaped death. Before being rushed into emergency quadruple bypass, doctors told his wife, "We have no idea how he is even still alive." Emergency surgery on his 99% clogged 'widowmaker' and some time recovering in a nursing home gave David a whole new perspective on life and taking risks. After recovering, he answered an ad for employment on Craigslist that would change his life. Just a few years later, he purchased a hospitality business at a time when hospitality businesses were experiencing the shut downs of COVID-19. "Every day I wake up I'm playing with house money." The Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club is a premier outdoor recreation and hospitality destination for ALL! Website: Leave a review: As always, thanks for supporting The Golden Keys!

31 min

THIS WEEK - Creative Thanksgiving Traditions!2023-11-13

The Holiday Season is our absolute favorite time of year!  Now that we have a young ones that are beginning to understand what these holidays are all about, we need to start implementing some traditions!  Karissa brings you a list of great ideas to consider bringing into your home this season! Please consider subscribing and leaving a 5 star review!    Leave a review: As always, thank you for supporting The Golden Keys!

18 min

The M.A.G.I.C. Mom, Alyce Dailey - Unlock Your Natural Gifts to Raise Entrepreneurial Daughters2023-11-13

Alyce is an author, coach, speaker, entrepreneur, community builder, and the ultimate Girl Mom raising four wildly adventurous daughters while running multiple businesses alongside my husband of 23+ years, Seth. Raising entrepreneurial-spirited young women in today’s increasingly complex world has been the catalyst for her personal growth and journey into her calling and purpose: to empower moms to become the best version of themselves, so they can equip the next generation of women to be healthy and whole. As a first-generation American, her parents gave her the gift of opportunity. What she did with that gift was up to me. There was no roadmap for her to follow, so she had to figure most things out myself. And though she didn’t learn the tools to pursue her entrepreneurial spirit from her family of origin, she has made it her goal to develop these skills in her daughters. This message applies to fathers and sons, as well! Alyce's Website: Join a workshop: Order The M.A.G.I.C. Mom:  As always, thanks for supporting The Golden Keys!

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