ABCs of Black

ABCs of Black

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ABCs of Black provides an American, British, and Canadian Black experience on different topics that display the beauty, diversity, and intellectual presense of Black culture.

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Ep. 9 - ABCs of Police2022-11-10

On this episode, the ABCs crew discuss their interactions with police. We talk about what defund the police actually means, our thoughts on Black Police Officers, if we would be willing to date a Police Officer, and Redmond tells a story about the time he ran from they police but they didn't they were chasing him.

66 min

Ep. 2 - ABCs of Dating - Part A2022-09-21

In part 1 of a 3 part episode, the ABC crew discuss dating, including, how social media has impacted peoples dating lives, the different dating experiences in each persons respective country, and why it's so damn difficult to date in the black community.

61 min

Ep. 10 - Virgins The Series Review!2022-11-16

On a special episode of the ABCs of Black podcast, the ABCs crew review the @cbcgem series @virginstheseries. The show Follows the lives of four 20-something year-old women in Toronto, who are too modest for the big city and too provocative for the East-African homes they come from. Check out the episode now on your favourite podcast streaming platform.

63 min

Ep. 3 - ABCs of Dating - Part B2022-09-28

The ABCs of Black crew continues the dating conversation from part A. We talk intercultural dating in the black community, dating within your culture, and more about peoples dating preferences

44 min

Ep. 15 Happy New Year Catch up Tings2023-01-12

The ABCs crew finally gets back together after a few weeks hiatus for the holidays. We catch up and talk about what we did for the holidays, our New Years goals for 2023 and Redmond's first solo travel experience to Europe. Intro/Happy New Year - 0:00 ABCs Crew talks about the holidays - 4:01 Redmond's vacation travel experience - 29:18 New Years Resolutions - 51:38 Outro - 1:20:10

82 min

Ep. 11 ABCs of Stereotypes - Part A2022-11-24

On this episode, the ABCs discuss some of the black stereotypes the plague the Black community, including being an Uncle Tom, dead beat black fathers, and the crabs in the bucket mentality.

47 min

Ep. 4 - ABCs of Dating - Part C2022-10-05

The ABCs crew wraps up it's conversion about dating in part c of the dating episode. We talk about hypergamy, dating preferences more, and per usual get sidetracked talking about the Tinder Swindler.

35 min

EP. 16 Matter of Black Part A2023-01-19

The ABCs Crews get together for the Matter of Black segment, which discusses events happening in Black pop culture. Today's episode focuses on the recent court case against Tory Lanes.

46 min

Ep. 5 - ABCs of Cinema - PART A2022-10-12

In this episode, the ABC crew talk about Black cinema in their respective countries, discuss some of the films that were released in 2021 with a Black lead, and talk about our favourite Black movies of all time.

49 min

Ep. 17 Matter Of Black- Part B2023-01-26

In Part 2 of this Month's Matter of Black segment, the ABCs crew discusses the incident that occurred at the the O2 Brixton during the Asake concert in London and Diddy and Caresha's relationship.

46 min

Ep. 6 - ABCs of Cinema Part B2022-10-19

In part 2 of the ABCs crew discussion about Black Cinema, we try to identify what is considered to be a Black movie, How many Black people need to be involved with a film for it to be considered a Black movie, and who deserves to receive a hollywood walk of fame.

57 min

Ep. 7 - Matter of Black - Kanye, Legacy, and Guap2022-10-26

On a special episode of the ABCs of Black podcast, a segment we like to call Matter of Black, where we discuss Black topics in pop culture. We talk about the state of Kanye west, Black excellence in Canada and the UK with the Legacy and Guap awards, and provide commentary on a viral video from social media. Kanye West - 00:00Legacy Awards - 42:17Guap Awards - 51:22Social Media Commentary - 01:01:34

89 min

Ep. 8 - ABCs of Food2022-11-02

On this episode of the podcast, the ABCs crew talks about some of their favourite Black food dishes, discuss all the dishes that Redmond has missed out on, and how we hope to do a food tour. We don't know who gonna take us on this tour, what we do know is we're gonna eat.More ABCs of Black:Instagram: @abcblackpodEmail:

87 min

Ep. 1 - Origins of Black2022-09-14

In the highly anticipated first episode of the ABC of Black podcast, Jc, Tiye, And Redmond talk about all things black culture in each country.

87 min

Ep. 18 ABCs of Black History Month2023-10-27

The ABCs crew Redmond, Tiye, and JC talk all things Black History Month. We talk about how much Black History in other countries was taught in our respective countries, who is our favourite black figure is, and do we need to get a petition going to get Black History Month moved to another month?

85 min

Ep. 19 MOB - Tyre Nichols, Lebron, & Grammys2023-10-27

ABCs crew is back with another MOB segment. This time around we talk about the horrible incident with Tyre Nichols, we praise the King for reaching another milestone in his career, and we talk about the Grammy winners of 2023. Thoughts on Tyre Nichols - 1:18 Nigerian Buying Sheffield United - 21:40 Lebron James Scoring Record - 27:30 Grammy's - 44:00

72 min

20: You People Review2023-10-27

After doing a review of the CBCGem series Virgins,Redmond, Tiye, and JC of the ABCs crew gets together and discusses the Netflix Movie You People. The film Stars Eddie Murphy, Lauren London, and Jonah hill in a Rom-com that follows two people who are fall in love with each other, but because of cultural differences, will the families approve of this union?

61 min
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