The Hairapy Podcast

The Hairapy Podcast

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It doesn't get realer than this! One is a rock n roll, introvert with curls. The other is a country lovin', social butterfly. Both bring the attitude, the fun and passion for what they do. After a four hour, life changing hair make over...they've become best friends still going strong 8 years later. Jill, owner of JIVE Hair will always tell it like it is! Hairapy Sessions, take a seat and let the good times roll.

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Hairapy Podcast with Chelsea & Jill - Episode One Why is hair so freaking expensive?2022-10-05

Meet the woman behind Chelsea Lee's infamous hair! 9 years and thousands of hours in Jill's salon chair have garnered interesting conversations, a solid friendship and one heck of a journey. Jill, owner of JIVE Hair, tells it like it is. Why is hair so freaking expensive? Let's get weird, let's be brutally honest.. and break it down!

36 min

Hairapy Podcast with Chelsea & Jill - Episode 2 Red Flags and Sea Buckthorn2022-10-19

Here are the biggest red flags at a Salon - from both the client and stylist perspective. Is it good to be picky? Also it matters what goes on your hair...ingredient battle Watermelon vs Sea Buckthorn. It's a blend of sugar and spice for round two, pull up a chair and enjoy some deep treated hairapy!

29 min

Hairapy Podcast Episode Three: What's Appropriate and What's NOT2022-11-02

Your hair stylist feels like a therapist sometimes, hello #hairapy!! But what is appropriate to share (this might shock you) and what's NOT (it'll shock you how far clients have gone) here's her top WTF moments. Jill with JIVE Hair keeps it real, and Chelsea keeps it real weird. #JIVEHAIR

24 min

The Hairapy Podcast with Chelsea & Jill: Episode 4 Myth Busting, Your Hair is Dead, Slough Off!2022-11-16

You're on TIK TOK, it's 2 am, you should be sleeping...and you see some person with an AWESOME HAIR HACK! Olive oil, mayo, coconut oil! Healing split ends, reversing damage...sounds too good to be true right? Hopefully you can handle the truth! Your hair is...GASP...dead. Slough off with Chelsea & Jill!

46 min

The Hairapy Podcast: Episode 5 "The Great Grey Hair Debate"2022-11-30

Grey it or hate it...we're going to debate it! Chelsea & Jill bring in a special guest, mama Deb. So whether you want to cover it, mask it, or full on embrace it...there are 50 shades of grey opinions.

27 min

The Hairapy Podcast: Episode 6 Holiday Christmas!2022-12-14

Holidays can be...stressful. And of course we want to look our best! Jill got a make over from another local stylist, and the ladies talk about Santa encounters as children, pickles, Pringles, and a BIG TABOO of clients around the holidays! DO NOT BE THAT PERSON!!

21 min

The Hairapy Podcast with Chelsea & Jill Episode 7: Scalp Issues2022-12-29

Getting down to the nitty gritty...and root of the problem...issues with the scalp! Jill, owner of JIVE Hair spends a lot of time up close and personal with client's scalps...and identifying these somewhat creepy problems are actually a kind of hobby for her. No shame here, just helpful tips to get your scalp healthy and happy!

31 min

The Hairapy Podcast with Chelsea & Jill: Hormones and Women Leading the Charge for Healthcare2023-01-11

Women want answers about their health...and they are starting to get them! It's an issue that doesn't get a lot of light....but it has such significant impacts on everyone's life. Why did a client's hair go from straight to curly? Why can't women lose weight after diets and exercise. Why does our skin go bananas? Why do our emotions sometimes get the best of us? Hormones...don't just deal. Manage. Thrive. Take back your balance! Special guests and experts: Saundra Lauer, founder of Well & Company and Emily Bienias, AP Esthetician Spa Manager

19 min

The Hairapy Podcast with Chelsea & Jill:'re doing it wrong!2023-01-25

You are probably washing your hair wrong. Can you train your hair? How often to shampoo...once a week? Twice a week? Everyday?! Does it matter? Professional vs. Drug Store products...what it's actually costing you. Let's break it down.

24 min

The Hairapy Podcast: Blonde, Strong, and Not Wrong2023-08-17

Jill and Chelsea love to work out, kick butt, rinse and repeat. Weight loss comes up a lot when sitting in the salon chair. What does muscle have to do with hair? A lot. Special guest, Jess Downing, owner of Vital Fit Club breaks it down. These three strong women will tell you how to manage stress, look and feel good!

33 min

Hairapy Podcast with Chelsea & Jill: Hair Trend Forecasting for 2023...The Rachel, J Bob and Bangs2023-08-17

The latest trends have been released by the great powers that are the hottest trends for 2023. Also some of the looks that did not make the list. Hair cuts, colors and everything in between. Is the Rachel making a comeback? What is a J Bob?! Bangs, bangs, bangs.

32 min

The Hairapy Podcast with Chelsea & Jill: Finding Your Own Personal Style2023-08-17

Your style is a personal evolution as you grow and express yourself. Trends come and go! Here's how to own your awkward years, discover your own style and boldly embrace all things that make you YOU! AND how to avoid mistakes you'll regret!

35 min

The Hairapy Podcast with Chelsea & Jill: Road Rage, Warning Labels, and April Fools2023-08-17

Behind every warning label...there's a story! Chelsea & Jill pull in special guest, Kayla Schneider, who has some "hair catching on fire" experience. Also a BIG April Fool's Announcement that is no joke!!

36 min

The Hairapy Podcast: Booking A Hair Appointment Has Changed2023-08-17

Booking your appointment has changed! Exciting changes that mean big things for clients!

25 min

The Hairapy Podcast with Chelsea & Jill: How your hair feels about the weather!2023-08-17

We know how we feel about this crazy spring weather...and our hair has some feelings of it's own!! Jill breaks it down how weather impacts your hair! We can't control mother nature, but we can control our locks!

25 min

The Hairapy Podcast with Chelsea & Jill: When Sheet Hits the Fan!2023-08-17

Stuff doesn't always go our doesn't always work...and sometimes hair color doesn't pan out either. Has your stylist ever messed up your hair?! What do you do when stuff goes wrong? And what NOT to do!!

23 min

The Hairapy Podcast: Livin' La VIVID Loca2023-08-17

Why settle....when you can be VIVID? Vivid hair colors are bold, beautiful and a work of art. But they ARE work. Jill breaks it down with a recent hair model who underwent a full transformation. Also...a show of how much her clients trust her!! #funnystory

48 min

The Hairapy Podcast with Chelsea & Jill: Chelsea Got Her A$$ Kicked and Jill Wants to Scope You Out2023-08-17

Hello Hairapy Enthusiasts! The chair is ready for you! This Episode: Life happened... why we were on a sabbatical! Chelsea got her a** kicked...literally. Why Jill "Dude" had to wash Chelsea's hair in the hospital. Jill recaps her experience at the BIGGEST Hair Show in the World while in Orlando. AND Jill's new toy...she wants to scope you out!

33 min

The Hairapy Podcast with Chelsea & Jill: Why is my hair falling out?!2023-08-17

Shedding is a point. Special guest Tabitha, with Tabitha F Hair, is a trichologist. She specializes in the scalp, scalp issues and hair loss as well as wigs and hair systems. Check out her scope on why we lose our hair! For more on trichology visit her website

34 min

The Hairapy Podcast: Treatments, Mermaids and Unicorns2023-08-17

Woman cannot survive on cheese and wine alone. And hair cannot thrive on just Shampoo and conditioner. Pull up a chair, it's the latest episode of the Hairapy Podcast with Chelsea & Jill. Jill, owner of JIVE hair takes clarifies different hair treatments. How to make your locks stronger, longer, shinier and healthier from the inside out. Forget breaking bad. How about breaking bonds?! There's a treatment for every hair give you a mane that even a unicorn would envy.

26 min
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