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Talks about Personal Growth, Wisdom, Life advice, Innovation, Interviews and more

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#13 - Lies & The Pursuit of Happiness2022-09-26

The more you chase happiness the less you have it. Let it be by letting it go. but wait.... that just the same as wanting to be happy... + Lies of success eludes us.

53 min

#14 - Peaceful Protests vs Violent Protests2022-10-10

Talked on the pros and cons of peaceful and violent protests. Also a third type of protest, which hits the money.  Finally a little bit about the right to bear arms, current Russia war and The American revolution

70 min

#15 - Quiet Quitting2022-12-05

Work your wage, enjoy  Giving up is not cowardness, is a strategy to open doors.

41 min

#16 - The Depressed Bible Man2022-12-06

If depression was a person it would be Ecclesiastes Some of my favorite quotes from him are: With great wisdom comes great sorrow and with great knowledge comes great sadness. Why do the good die young and the evil live long. Therefore be both good and evil. Neither extremes. Finishing is better than starting There are countless more that are too long to write. And why should I spoil you the joy of hearing them.  spoil or not spoil, that too, is meaningless

101 min

#10 - Random ass Rant2022-08-30

Its random, you have been warned..

60 min

#17 - Talkie Talk2022-12-08

Talking - self explanatory title :3

32 min

#12 - Sherleen the Fiancée2022-08-31

Sherleen and I talk about a few tough topics, like marriage and... the D word

18 min

#11 - Random assarini Rant2022-08-31

Another bites the dust!

100 min

#6 - Jonathan Setien (Español)2022-04-05

Mi hermano mayor Jonathan. ¡Habla sobre su experiencia siendo un padre nuevo, sus talentos, chistes y más! Disfruten de una plática relajada.

92 min

#4 - Roman Ryzhkov2022-02-17

Roman and I talk about Passions, memories and everything in between At one point in time we were university flatmates, in Germany.  He makes rap videos and freelance marketing videos. You can find him on the following platforms YouTube - Cody Sherwood - Instagram - forest.boye -

127 min

#8 - Jovanna Olvera (Español)2022-06-09

¡Un episodio más! Jovanna ha vivido y trabajado en muchos países. Se las arregla donde quiera que este, sea como sea. Sabe de varios temas y es mi amiga de muchos años. Tiene mucho que nos puede enseñar. .

231 min

#18 - Actual Free Ideas2022-12-25

Ideas are not special, everyone has the same one every once in a while. its whoever makes it happen that matter. I wish my ideas reach the ear of someone who can make the possible.

31 min

#19 - The College Life of a High School Student2022-12-26

As a high school student who has recently graduated and gone to college. How has college been any different from High School. But skip some minutes because we first talk about ideas!

57 min

#20 The American Dream is Business2022-12-29

We can no longer afford the american dream, so we changed it! To owning a business.  I also talk about running out of ideas for podcasters and youtubers and switching to trendy drama..  including me, talking about Andrew Tate!

24 min

#9 - Rich people, Luck, and My Job2022-08-05

I ramble and take feelings off my chest. I criticize hard work & luck, and looking up to celebrities. Talk about random stuff in between. Finally land on about my pesto control job improving my health.

59 min

#1 - Evolution of Cities2022-01-19

How cities evolve from a one job town to a self sustaining and innovative city. From refinery to creativity - surviving to living

21 min

#2 - Philosophy, Passion, & Hobbies2022-01-19

Examples of people who made money with their passion. The difference between Passion and Hobby. Random stuff in-between

26 min

#3 - Sherleen the Poet2022-01-20

Discuss the general idea behind a Grown Boy Vs. Grown Man. One of the most recited poems by Sherleen. Also, accidentally influential to her life.  Little topics:  Dia de los Muertos: Mexican Holiday Relationship advice & Nerves while podcasting

31 min

#7 - Community Rant!2022-05-03

The word community is being used loosely.  Is not the word but idea behind it that makes me feel eerie. A thin line between inclusion and discrimination. This is a concise rant about the use of this word and the idea behind it.

4 min

#21 - New year, New Challenges2023-01-09

No sugar, no video games Metal music calming my mind ADHD is not disorder if you find a way to make it work for you

13 min
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