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Golf DMV


Golf DMV is a weekly podcast discussing the latest news in professional golf, industry trends and highlighting golf courses in the greater Washington, D.C. area. Whether you're a high handicap, low handicap, club member or weekend hacker, if you love golf, you'll love the Golf DMV podcast.

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Episode 4: Lake Presidential Golf Club2017-04-18

Claude Jennings sits down with Steven Jeffrey, GM at Lake Presidential and discuss the big renovations happening at Lake Presidential. LB and Sherman join Claude in studio to talk Lake Presidential!

33 min

Episode 10: QL National Preview2017-06-27

The PGA Tour is coming to the DMV for the Ouicken Loans National. Claude Jennings, Lawrence Brooks (LB) and Sherman Gray gives a preview, discuss their latest rounds and LB shares a great golf milestone!

45 min

Episode 11: Fix My Game2017-07-18

Claude Jennings, Lawrence Brooks (LB) and Sherman Gray talks about their latest rounds, an upcoming much needed lesson with Golf DMV instructor Brendan Horton and previews the Open Championship.

30 min

Episode 12: Spieth, Lessons & MITRE @ Raspberry Falls2017-07-25

Claude Jennings, Lawrence Brooks (LB) and Sherman Gray reviewed Jordan Spieth's win at the Open Championship. LB rated Raspberry Falls, the site of the recent MITRE outing. Also they discuss their recent lesson with Golf DMV instructor Brendan Horton.

38 min

Episode 13: Where To Tee It Up & To Lend or Not To Lend2017-07-31

There's always the golfer who insist on playing from the tips when they know they shouldn't! Claude Jennings, Lawrence Brooks (LB) and Sherman Gray discuss the proper tee box where golfers should tee it up! Also they discuss what golf accessory or piece of equipment is alright to borrow from playing partners.

28 min

Episode 14: Myrtle Beach Golf Trip & Marlton's Getting Bashed2017-08-08

LB is back from his Myrtle Beach golf trip and he'll share the details! Claude Jennings vents about his horrible experience at Marlton Golf Course in Upper Marlboro, Md and he promises there's more to come. Sherman laughs at it all!

44 min

Episode 15: PGA Championship, Vacation Golf and Charlottesville.2017-08-15

Claude & Sherman are in studio and LB checked in over the phone from Denver. The crew discuss the PGA Championship, LB and Claude playing golf while traveling. The crew also discussed the recent events in Charlottesville, VA.

42 min

Episode 16: Live from The Greene Turtle 1 of 22017-08-22

The Golf DMV crew is at the Greene Turtle in Burtsonsville, Md in front of the best audience in the world! Sherman has a big announcement. Claude continues to throw people under the bus as he reviews his quick 9 hole round at Sligo. Lawrence shares a Lake Presidential update given by "Coach B" and talks about his flight back from Denver.

39 min

Episode 17: Live from The Greene Turtle 2 of 22017-08-29

This is the second show from the Golf DMV live recording at The Greene Turtle In Burtonsville, Md. Friend of the show George Hawkins makes an appearance and talks about the importance of club fitting, benefits of club membership and most importantly addresses Sherman for calling him out!

40 min

Episode 18: Comedian Red Grant2017-09-04

The Golf DMV crew welcomes Comedian, DMV native and golf fanatic Red Grant to the program. Red talks "Golf Beef" and calls out a few of his buddies!

23 min

Episode 19: Thin Line Between "Hook Up" & "Robbery"2017-09-12

Everybody has a playing partner who is "that guy". That guy always provides you with plenty of laughs and stories! For Claude, LB and Sherman their buddy Rick is that guy and he was in rare form recently. The fellas talk about "that guy" and what qualifies as a golf "hook up".

24 min

Episode 20: Golf Trips & Weather Matters2017-09-19

Winter, spring, summer or fall... Every season is a great season for a golf trip. Claude, LB and Sherman discuss their favorite golf destinations that are cost effective and close to the DMV. Also, this summer we had a few heat waves. How hot is too hot to play? How cold is too cold to play? You make the call!

20 min

Episode 21: National Golf Club - Ft. Washington Md2017-09-25

Claude got a chance to speak with Chad Craft, GM at National Golf Club.

18 min

Episode 22: Denver, Dinosaurs & Permission2017-10-03

LB's back from Denver and he checks in with a report on Fossil Trace Golf Club in Golden Colorado. This leads to an interesting thought from Sherman on the very existence of Dinosaurs. Claude & LB also gets on Sherman about permission vs verification on ones availability to play!

40 min

Episode 23: Little Bennett & Needwood2017-10-10

Claude, LB and Sherman are back in studio to review Little Bennett & Needwood! First, Sherman vents about his "bad day".

42 min

Episode 24: Driving Range Stereotpyes2017-10-17

Claude, LB and Sherman talk about "that guy" at the driving based on a hilarious Golf Digest article about the 7 different types of people on the range.

29 min

Episode 25: Northwest Golf Course2017-10-24

Since Sherman gave up the game for the season, Claude & LB played the inside 9 at Northwest Golf Course.

31 min

Episode 26: The Halloween Edition2017-10-31

It's the Halloween edition of Golf DMV!!! Claude, LB & Sherman discuss their scariest shots on the course. Do you have a buddy who only plays Pro V1s yet can't break 100? The crew discuss golf ball and etiquette also. Happy Halloween!!!

30 min

Episode 27: It's Claude's Turn!2017-11-07

Claude, LB and Sherman welcomes Seth Mason in studio so he can throw Claude under the bus! The crew also discuss Tiger's return.

34 min

Episode 28: Golf Rules for Cold Weather2017-11-14

Claude, LB and Sherman welcomes Seth Mason in studio for a second straight show and discuss how to keep your game sharp during the cold months. Claude also shared some fun stories from his family's Disney cruise trip. Also Claude played a a feature he recording in September with Gun Powder Golf Course in Beltsville, Md.

35 min
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