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Film Swap is the podcast for the adventurous film lover. Join David and Jonathan as they each recommend a film to one another and explore the far reaches and four corners of cinema available on streaming and physical media. They will unearth those hidden gems and forgotten classics that you’ve been dying to see and just didn’t know it! Watch cool films and join the discussion!

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Film Swap Ep. 1 - First Swap! She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and Cairo Station2023-01-25

What’s our motivation!  At the swap starting line, we introduce the show and kick off the conversation with a look at John Ford’s She Wore A Yellow Ribbon and Youssef Chahine’s Cairo Station.  Plus we drop some quick takes on Noah Baumbach’s White Noise and Béla Tarr’s Sátántangó.

73 min

Film Swap Ep. 2 - Cinematic Substance Abuse! Another Round and Drugstore Cowboy2023-11-08

David and Jonathan feed their film addiction with a discussion of Thomas Vinterberg's Another Round (AKA Druk) and Gus Van Sant's Drugstore Cowboy. Plus, they drop quick takes on BBC Television's much talked about series drama Happy Valleys and King Hu's Wuxia Martial Arts masterpiece Dragon Inn.

66 min

Film Swap Ep. 3 - Cinematic Swordplay! The Duellists and Harakiri2023-11-08

On their honour as gentlemen, David and Jonathan face off in a duel of great films as they discuss two all-time cinema classics: Ridley Scott's The Duellists and Masaki Kobayashi's Harakiri.

64 min

Film Swap Ep. 4 - Oscars Blunders! High Noon and 12 Angry Men2023-11-08

For your consideration: Jonathan and David take a closer look at two all time film classics of the 1950's that were nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, but didn't win! Fred Zinnemann's High Noon and Sidney Lumet's 12 Angry Men. And if that's not enough to fill your ballot paper, they also drop quick takes on Netflix's Orson Welles documentary “They'll Love Me When I'm Dead” and the Indicator Blu Ray box set collection “Mae West in Hollywood 1932 - 1943”. After you listen to the podcast, be sure to check out our ongoing series of Film Swap Factoids on our Youtube channel at @filmswap_podcast!

65 min

Film Swap Ep. 5 - A Star is Born! The Long Good Friday and Ghost World2023-11-08

David and Jonathan swap films that were early career breakthroughs for major film stars. Both Bob Hoskins and Pierce Brosnan featured in John Mackenzie’s The Long Good Friday and a pre-fame Scarlett Johansson featured in Terry Zwigoff’s cult classic Ghost World. After you listen to the podcast, be sure to check out our ongoing series of Film Swap Factoids on our Youtube channel at @filmswap_podcast. Be sure to subscribe to the channel to ensure you don’t miss out! Film Swap is also available via most major podcast vendors. Visit the podcast homepage at for more details!

78 min

Film Swap Ep. 0 - Hidden Gems! Film Swap Podcast Trailer2023-11-08

Film Swap is the podcast for the adventurous film lover! Join David and Jonathan as they uncover those hidden gems and forgotten classics that you always wanted to see but didn't know it!

1 min

Film Swap Ep. 6 - Strange Animations! Fantastic Planet and The Adventures of Mark Twain2023-11-08

David and Jonathan go on a mind-bending, brain blowing journey through two alternate animation classics: Will Vinton’s Claymation epic The Adventures of Mark Twain and Rene Laloux’s psychedelic cult classic Fantastic Planet. After you listen to the podcast, be sure to check out our ongoing series of Film Swap Factoids on our Youtube channel at @filmswap_podcast. Be sure to subscribe to the channel to ensure you don’t miss out! Film Swap is also available via most major podcast vendors. Visit the podcast homepage at for more details!

69 min

Film Swap Ep. 7 - Moral Outrage! The Devils and Peeping Tom2023-11-08

Jonathan and David take a look at two controversial classics of British cinema that incensed and outraged some critics; censors and sensitive viewers upon their initial release: Michael Powell's psychological horror-thriller Peeping Tom and Ken Russell's masterpiece of historical drama The Devils. After you listen to the podcast, be sure to check out our ongoing series of Film Swap Factoids on our Youtube channel at @filmswap_podcast. Be sure to subscribe to the channel so you are first with the facts! Film Swap is also available via most major podcast vendors. Visit the podcast homepage at for more details!

77 min

Film Swap Ep. 8 - Girl Power! The Passion of Joan of Arc and Catherine Called Birdy2023-11-08

David and Jonathan welcome Solicitor and Author Clare Clark as the first ever guest on the show! They take a look at the representation of woman in films and swap and talk about two great films: Lena Dunham's recent adaptation of the classic Karen Cushman novel Catherine Called Birdy and Carl Theodore Dreyer's silent masterpiece The Passion of Joan of Arc. After you listen to the podcast, be sure to check out our ongoing series of Film Swap Factoids on our Youtube channel at @filmswap_podcast. Be sure to subscribe to the channel so you are first with the facts! Film Swap is also available via most major podcast vendors. Visit the podcast homepage (link below) for more details! Episode Links: Clare Clark's Novel: ⁠The Sealed Knot⁠ Brighton Historical Cinema Directory: ⁠LINK⁠ Silent Film Information Silent London: ⁠LINK⁠ Silent Film Calendar UK: ⁠LINK⁠ Film Swap ⁠Podcast Homepage⁠ Film Swap ⁠Youtube Channel⁠ THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC ⁠Carl Theodore Dreyer at the Danish Film Institute⁠ Wiki: ⁠Carl Theodor Dreyer⁠ Imdb: ⁠Carl Theodor Dreyer⁠ Watch Passion of Joan of Arc on ⁠BFI Player⁠ Watch on ⁠Amazon Prime [with ads]⁠ Watch on Blu Ray from ⁠Eureka/Masters of Cinema Series⁠ Other Eureka/Masters of Cinema Dreyer Titles on ⁠Blu Ray⁠ BFI Dreyer ⁠Blu Ray Collection⁠  Criterion ⁠US Blu Ray⁠ of Passion of Joan of Arc CATHERINE CALLED BIRDY BFI: Lena Dunham Wiki: Lena Dunham Author Karen Cushman Official movie site Watch Film on Amazon Prime

77 min

Film Swap Ep. 9 - Amazing Anime! Belladonna of Sadness and Grave of the Fireflies2023-11-08

In this episode, David and Jonathan take a deep dive into the enchanting world of Japanese anime films! Join us as we explore the rich tapestry of storytelling, breathtaking animation, and iconic characters that have made Japanese anime a global phenomenon.  We discuss the must-watch films that have captured the hearts and imaginations of millions worldwide! First, we take a quick tour through the history of anime imported to Britain and America and then discuss two amazing Japanese cinema classics: The mesmerising, senses shattering psychedelic masterpiece Belladonna of Sadness, directed by Eiichi Yamamoto and Isao Takahata’s timeless, much loved World War 2 drama Grave of the Fireflies.  BELLADONNA OF SADNESS LINKS: Belladonna of Sadness Wikipedia page: LINK The Wikipedia page on book by Jules Michelet, La Sorciere that inspired Belladonna of Sadness: LINK Cinelicious Pics, the distribution company that distributes Belladonna of Sadness: LINK The Anime Feminist: LINK GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES LINKS: Grave of the Fireflies Wikipedia page: LINK Grave of the Fireflies short story (PDF): LINK Japanese Cruiser Maya: LINK Empire Magazine's 25 best Anime films: LINK Youtube Thumbnail artist Tenny's Instagram Page: LINK Film Swap Podcast Homepage: LINK Film Swap Youtube Page:  @filmswap_podcast

66 min

Film Swap Ep. 10 - Bad Reputations! Heaven's Gate and Cosmopolis2023-11-08

David and Jonathan shine a spotlight on two underrated masterpieces, Michael Cimino’s Heaven's Gate and David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, that have often been misunderstood and received a harsh critical reception. We analyse the artistic merits, unique storytelling, and thought-provoking themes that make these films worth revisiting. Get ready for a deep dive into the realm of under appreciated cinema that will challenge your preconceptions and leave you with a newfound appreciation for these hidden gems! Join us on this film podcast episode as we delve into the intriguing world of cinematic treasures with bad reputations! Heaven's Gate: IMDb page: Link Rotten Tomatoes page: Link Criterion Collection page: Link Roger Ebert's review: Link Heaven's Gate Wikipedia page: Link Cosmopolis: IMDb page: Link Rotten Tomatoes page: Link David Cronenberg interview on Cosmopolis: Link Cosmopolis Wikipedia page: Link Film Swap Podcast Homepage: Link Film Swap Youtube Page:  @filmswap_podcast ​

80 min

Film Swap Ep. 11 - The Reel Experience! Zhang Yimou's One Second and The Smallest Show on Earth2023-11-08

David and Jonathan welcome extra special guest Amelia Eichler AKA The Mistress of the Reel, Assistant Theatre Manager at USC Projection Services in Los Angeles, California as they delve into the captivating world of the cinematic experience, focusing on its community aspect, the significance of preservation, and the challenges posed by the growing dominance of digital streaming platforms. Our in-depth discussion centers around two remarkable films: Basil Dearden's "The Smallest Show on Earth," a delightful classic that highlights the charm of small theaters, and Zhang Yimou's masterpiece, "One Second." Discover the magic of movie theaters and the shared experience of watching films together, while gaining insights into the importance of safeguarding physical media. Tune in to celebrate the beauty of cinema and explore its evolution in the digital age! Amelia Eichler "Mistress of the Reel" on Twitter: LINK Sprocket School: ⁠LINK⁠ A Thousand Cuts Book: ⁠LINK⁠ "The Smallest Show on Earth" IMDb page: LINK Zhang Yimou's "One Second" IMDb page: LINK National Film Preservation Foundation: LINK The American Film Institute (AFI) - Film Preservation: LINK Film Foundation - Preserving Film History: LINK Criterion Collection - Film Preservation: LINK Cinema Blend - The Importance of Cinema Preservation: LINK Variety - The Impact of Digital Streaming on Cinema: LINK - The Community Aspect of Cinema: LINK The International Dunhuang Project: LINK Film Swap on Youtube:  @filmswap_podcast  Film Swap Podcast homepage: LINK

89 min

Film Swap Ep. 12 - Reel Rebels! Warren Beatty's Reds and Bob Fosse's Lenny2023-11-08

David and Jonathan stick it to the man with a look at two classic bio-pics about the extraordinary lives of famous historical figures and activists: Bob Fosse's Lenny and Warren Beatty's Epic Oscar winner Reds. Join us as we embark on a captivating journey into these iconic movies. In this thought-provoking exploration, we unravel the extraordinary lives of John Reed and Lenny Bruce whose stories have been immortalised on the silver screen. From the provocative and groundbreaking life of Lenny Bruce, the legendary comedian, to the riveting tale of John Reed's revolutionary activism, we delve deep into the narratives and performances that bring these remarkable individuals to life. Prepare to be inspired as we analyse the intersection of history, art, and the indomitable spirit of those who challenge societal norms.

73 min

Film Swap Ep. 13 - Fantasy and Folly! Ugetsu and Performance2023-11-08

Dive into "Fantasy and Folly," where we embark on a mesmerizing journey through two timeless film classics: Kenji Mizoguchi's 'Ugetsu' and Nicolas Roeg's 'Performance' featuring the Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger. 🎬 Unravel the depths of dreams and identity in these brilliant masterpieces as we analyse their cinematic brilliance, storytelling, and artistic impact. Join us for an enlightening discussion filled with cinematic insights and a celebration of two great iconic films!

83 min

Film Swap Ep. 14 - Epic Eco Disasters! Dark Waters and Soylent Green2023-11-08

David and Jonathan are going green as they explore the thought-provoking narratives of Tod Haynes' Dark Waters and Richard Fletcher's dystopian sci-fi classic Soylent Green. Dive deep into the realms of environmental crisis and corporate corruption as we analyze the impact of these two powerful films. Join the conversation on the intricate web of ethical dilemmas, stunning performances, and the warning they hold for our planet's future.

75 min

Film Swap Ep. 15 - Fabulous Friedkin! Blue Chips and Sorcerer2023-11-08

Join us in a heartfelt tribute to the late, great director William Friedkin as we delve into two of his lesser-known cinematic treasures: 'Blue Chips', an electrifying sports drama starring Nick Nolte and Shaquille O'Neal and 'Sorcerer', an edge of your seat action adventure thriller starring Roy Scheider. In this podcast episode, we celebrate Friedkin's genius by dissecting these often overlooked films, uncovering their hidden depths, and reflecting on the director's profound impact on cinema. Don't miss this journey into the extraordinary world of Friedkin's filmmaking legacy.

96 min

Film Swap Ep. 16 - Magnificent Musicals! Top Hat and Singin' in the Rain2023-11-08

David and Jonathan pull on their tap shoes and dance happily into two all time cinematic treasures: Mark Sandrich's 'Top Hat' starring the legendary dancing duo of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly's 'Singin' in the Rain'. Step out into the world of magnificent musical comedies as we explore the timeless charm of these joyous masterpieces. Join us for a delightfully in depth discussion on the magic of dance, unforgettable tunes, and the enduring appeal of these all time movie classics!

79 min

Film Swap Ep. 17 - Grindhouse Greats! Suspiria and Dolemite2023-11-08

David and Jonathan take a walk on the wild side of cinema with genre film guru Richard Doyle as they take a thrilling journey into the captivating world of Grindhouse cinema. Dive deep into the gritty and exhilarating atmospheres of these legendary urban movie houses as we make an in-depth exploration of two essential, all time genre classics: Dario Argento's horror masterpiece 'Suspiria' and D'Urville Martin's Blaxploitation comedy classic 'Dolemite'. We discuss their impact on the genre, cult following, and lasting influence. Join us for a Grindhouse experience like no other!

78 min

Film Swap Ep. 18 - What a Guy! Force Majeure and Fitzcarraldo2023-11-08

In an avalanche of thought-provoking film discussion David, Jonathan and special guest Medical Scientist Dualta McQuaid delve deep into the captivating cinematic worlds of Ruben Ostlund's black comedy 'Force Majeure' and Werner Herzog's legendary adventure epic 'Fitzcarraldo.' Join us as we explore the complexities of male attitudes and behaviours depicted in these cinematic gems. From the psychological unraveling in 'Force Majeure' to the audacious ambition of 'Fitzcarraldo,' we analyze the portrayal of masculinity on the big screen. Don't miss this deep dive into the minds of memorable male characters and the impact they leave on the audience. #filmdiscussion #cinematicanalysis #machismo #masculinity #forcemajeure #podcastepisode #moviegeeks #characterstudy #deepdive#filmanalysis #moviepodcast #cinematalk #podcastdiscussion

94 min

Film Swap Ep. 19 - Gangster Greats! Scarface and Branded to Kill2023-11-08

In this episode, film podcasting veteran and host of the Criterion Reflections and Inside the Box podcasts David Blakeslee joins us for a captivating discussion as we delve into the influential world of the gangster genre. We uncover the innovative brilliance of two groundbreaking films that defied conventions and faced censorship challenges. We focus on Howard Hawks' original 'Scarface' from 1932, produced by the legendary Howard Hughes, and Seijun Suzuki's inventive Japanese Yakuza classic 'Branded to Kill.' We'll take you back in time and across continents to explore the visionary storytelling, trailblazing cinematography, and unforgettable characters that left an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape. Discover how these films pushed boundaries and sparked controversy, with both directors—Howard Hawks and Seijun Suzuki—being pioneers in their own right. We also look at the charismatic and iconic performances of their legendary stars Paul Muni and Joe Shishido. Join us as we unravel the compelling histories of 'Scarface' and 'Branded to Kill,' shedding light on their impact, innovation, and the censorship hurdles and challenges they overcame to claim their place in cinema history. LINKS: Seijun Suzi Obituary BFI BFI Where to begin with the Japanese New Wave Scarface on Wikipedia Scarface on Internet Archive BFI Howard Hawks: 10 essential films + 3 underrated ones David Blakeslee's Criterion Reflections Podcast David Blakeslee's Inside the Box Podcast with Trevor Berrett Actor and voice artist Bradley Witham I Want Werner Herzog on My Podcast! Film Swap Homepage Film Swap Factoid-Fest!

100 min
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