Think. Debate. Inspire. A Podcast of the Robert Bosch Academy

Think. Debate. Inspire. A Podcast of the Robert Bosch Academy

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In our podcast “Think, Debate, Inspire,“ Henry Alt-Haaker and Pradnya Bivalkar of the Robert Bosch Academy invite one Richard Weizsäcker Fellow every month to discuss some of the most pressing global challenges of our times. The conversations revolve around a wide range of issues, such as foreign policy, global governance, climate change, health, and education. The podcast presents ideas and approaches for joint global responses to international problems. Moderators: Henry Alt-Haaker, Pradnya Bivalkar Herausgeber: Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH, Produktion: EINS.STUDIO

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Coming Soon! Our new podcast series "Think. Debate. Inspire" offers inspiring ideas on global challenges of our time. Our moderators provide you a sneak peek into the upcoming series with our internationally renowned Richard von Weizsäcker Fellows. Listen in and don’t forget to subscribe!

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Kumi Naidoo talks about Climate Justice2023-01-27

In this episode of “Think, Debate, Inspire”, Henry Alt-Haaker and Pradnya Bivalkar speak with the renowned climate and human rights activist Kumi Naidoo from South Africa. The conversation focusses on the climate justice, successes and failures of the COP27 in Egypt as well as the need for a stronger global cooperation. YouTube link to Kumi’s favorite song “Stay Shining” by Riky Rick:

32 min

Ekaterina Schulmann talks about domestic politics in Russia2023-07-24

In this episode of “Think, Debate, Inspire.” Henry Alt-Haaker and Pradnya Bivalkar speak with the renowned political scientist Ekaterina Schulmann from Russia. The conversation focusses on domestic politics in Russia, taking a pulse of the Russian society and its impact on the ongoing war in Ukraine. References: Levada Center: Dedovshchina: Watership Down by Richard Adams: Toy Story 3:

48 min

Obiageli Ezekwesili talks about the changing world order and relations between Africa and the West2023-07-24

In this episode of “Think, Debate, Inspire”, Henry Alt-Haaker and Pradnya Bivalkar speak with the renowned economic policy expert and transparency and good governance activist Obiageli Ezekwesili from Nigeria. The conversation focuses on changing world order, challenges for democracies across Africa and last but not least, the recently concluced Nigerian elections. #FixPolitics Intiative: School of Politics, Policy and Governance: The Good State. On the principles of Democracy by A.C. Grayling :

48 min

Fiona Hill talks about impacts of post-industrialization on societies, the rise of populism and the distribution of power2023-07-24

In this episode of "Think. Debate. Inspire.", Henry Alt-Haaker and Pradnya Bivalkar speak with the highly popular foreign policy expert Fiona Hill from the United States. The conversation focuses on the impacts of post-industrialization on societies and the rise of populism across the world. There is nothing for you here. Finding opportunity in the 21st century. By Fiona Hill. A Christmas Carol. By Charles Dickens: Trump's Erbe(n):

53 min

Dennis Shirley and Rana Dajani talk about education, identity and wellbeing2023-07-24

In this special episode of "Think. Debate. Inspire." Henry Alt-Haaker speaks with Dennis Shirley, a professor for Education and Rana Dajani, a molecular biologist. The conversation focuses on various aspects of education, the interconnection between reading, identity and wellbeing. References: We Love reading: ; Sophie's World: ; Not ideas about the thing, but the thing itself by Wallace Stevens:; The Rights of the Reader by Danielle Pinnock: ; Rio Grande by Gabriel DeLayne: ;

47 min

Constanze Stelzenmüller talks about Trans-Atlantic relations and the changing global order2023-07-24

In this special episode of "Think. Debate. Inspire." Henry Alt-Haaker and Pradnya Bivalkar speak with Constanze Stelzenmüller on how the Transatlantic relations have evolved over the past decades, the upcoming presidential elections in the United States of America as well as the dynamics of a changing world order. References: The Americans: ; The Diplomat: ; Richard Holbrooke: ; Ted Lasso:

49 min

Kamal Amakrane talks about climate emergency and the future of the Atoll island states2023-07-29

In this episode of "Think. Debate. Inspire." Henry Alt-Haaker and Pradnya Bivalkar speak with Kamal Amakrane about climate emergency, its implications for the Atoll island nation states in the Pacific and what the global community needs to do. References: Rising Nations Initiative:; Call to action: ; Richard von Weizsäcker Forum:

43 min

Amy Sample Ward talks about non-profit technology2023-09-07

In this episode of "Think. Debate. Inspire.", Henry Alt-Haaker and Pradnya Bivalkar speak with Amy Sample Ward about non-profit technology and the role it can play in addressing societal inequalities. References: Nten:; Postmodernism: ; Postcolonialism:

42 min

Kate Crawford talks about Artificial Intelligence2023-10-21

In this episode of "Think. Debate. Inspire.", Henry Alt-Haaker and Pradnya Bivalkar speak with Kate Crawford about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on politics, society and the environment.  References: Atlas of AI: ; Cambridge Analytica: ; EU AI Act: ; Lisa Feldman Barrett: ; Oppenheimer: ; Knowing Machines: ; Trevor Paglen: ; ImageNet: ; Black Mirror: ; Spawning AI:; Laion 5: ;

45 min

Ece Temelkuran and Doug Saunders talk about social cohesion and polarisation of societies2023-11-04

In this special episode of "Think. Debate. Inspire.", Henry Alt-Haaker and Pradnya Bivalkar speak with Ece Temelkuran and Doug Saunders about social cohesion, political polarisation in Germany and elsewhere.  References: Königsteiner Schlüssel: ; Uwe Tellkamp: ; Der Turm: ; How to lose a country. The 7 steps from Democracy to Dictatorship. : ; The Myth of the Muslim tide. Do immigrants threaten the West? : ; Petra Köpping : ;

46 min
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