From the humble haggis supper to the finest single malt, Scotland's food and drink scene is as unique as the nation itself. Rosalind Erskine, The Scotsman's Food and Drink Editor, is joined by guests and experts to give you an insight into what's cooking in Scotland. If you like a good bit of scran, this is the podcast for you.

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The money being made by whisky2022-07-22

Welcome to Series 6 of Scran! On this episode of Scran Rosalind is discussing a topic she finds very interesting, old and rare whisky, record breaking amounts spent on whisky and how the digital world is impacting the industry. A few months back Rosalind went along to the Distillers One of One auction - the first in a biennial series of auctions of ultra-rare Scottish whisky in aid of disadvantaged young people in Scotland.The auction took place In partnership with Sothebys and I went along and Rosalind speaks to a number of those involved including. Rosalind also speaks to the ever-interesting Blair Bowman, whisky consultant, broker and author, about this new world of whisky. Never one to shy away from a critical view of the industry, Blair talks us through the relatively new world of NFTs and what this means for whisky in general - and spoiler alert - he's not happy about it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

36 min

Bonus episode - Edinburgh Food Festival 20222022-07-27

Welcome to this bonus episode of Scran. We all know the summer brings some wonderful outdoor eating and drinking experiences to Scotland. One such event, The Edinburgh Food Festival, is returning to its home in Assembly George Square Gardens and features a plethora of amazing food and drink experiences. Scran Producer Kelly Crichton went along to catch up with some of the vendors to see how their festival is going and what they have on offer. She also speaks to Alex Fitzhowle who produces the event and The Kilted Chef, aka Craig Wilson who is doing some cooking demonstrations as part of the festival. Craig tells us about his role as a Scottish Food Ambassador and about how his role as a Chef has taken him to places all around the world. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

27 min

Highlights from Scran's Burns Night2021-01-29

Welcome back to Scran for our third series. Host Rosalind Erskine is back with a brand new line-up of guests talking all things Scottish food and drink. It couldn't be more fitting than to start with one of the most patriotic days of the year - Burns Night. On the 25th of January The Scotsman hosted a Burns Night Live event on its social media channels where our panel where joined by an international audience. Rosalind was also joined live by Scotland's national chef Gary MacLean, Scotsman Heritage writer Alison Campsie and BenRiach brand ambassador Stewart Buchanan. The event also featured a guest appearance from Sam Heughan, an exclusive poem read by Alexander McCall Smith and a chat with James MacSween of the world famous MacSween haggis. To watch back the live event: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

46 min

Campbeltown's whisky renaissance2022-08-05

On this episode of Scran Rosalind travels to the Campbeltown Malts Festival which returned this year after a two-year absence. Rosalind meets various representatives of the whisky industry to hear about how the area is experiencing a rebirth and looking towards a very healthy future for whisky production and tourism. In this episode you will hear from David Alan, Director of Sales and Marketing at Springbank and Glengyle Distilleries, Iain McAlistair, Master Distiller at Glen Scotia, Becky Paskin, Whisky expert and writer, Charles Maclean, whisky expert and writer, Iain Croucher, Co-Director of Dal Riata and Alice Angus, artist in residence at Glen Scotia. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Here's what you can expect from the Scran podcast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Valentine's Special with Tom and Michaela Kitchin2021-02-12

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and it’s a great time to spoil yourself or a loved one with a special meal - even if it's a home-cooked meal this year. On this episode of Scran, Rosalind chats to a well-known couple on the Scottish food and drink scene - Tom and Michaela Kitchin - about their businesses, how they met, what they’ve been cooking in lockdown and working together as a married couple. They tell us how this is the first Valentine's Day they’ll be spending together, due the restaurant being temporarily closed. Jon O'Connor, brand ambassador at Isle of Bute Gin, also shares an easy to make cocktail that you can try at home. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

33 min

From Edinburgh's bountiful botanicals to Russia's rhubarb monopoly - it's Edinburgh Gin.2022-08-19

On this episode of Scran you'll learn all about gin, how it's made, its very colourful history and how Edinburgh has figured in its story to-date. More specifically we'll be hearing all about Edinburgh Gin, which is fast becoming an institution in the gin world. Starting with a trip to Edinburgh's botanical gardens, Rosalind meets Phillip Kingscott, Edinburgh Gin's Experiential Ambassador and Dr Greg Kenicer - who has been instrumental in the development of their 1670 edition. Prepared to be amazed by the gin knowledge these two people possess! Rosalind also visits the current Edinburgh Gin distillery in the east end and meets Master Distiller David Wilkinson.  They discuss what goes into the various different flavours of gins as well as how they develop their new lines, what's in store for the future and what advice David has for anyone interested in the distilling business. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

52 min

Festive flavours at the Christmas Market2019-12-06

The opening episode of Scran has a distinctly festive theme. Rosalind ventures along to the Christmas market in Edinburgh to sample some Gluhwein and cheese fondue, and we hear about foodie traditions from around the world. She also chats to to The Scotsman's Gaby Soutar about the life of a restaurant critic - and of course we get some hot tips of where to eat out in Scotland right now. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

19 min

A sustainable guide to cooking2021-02-26

Food waste is one of the biggest unrecognised contributors to our carbon footprint. On this episode of Scran, Rosalind is joined by Scotland's national chef Gary MacLean and Zero Waste Scotland's Andrew Pankhurst to find out more about food waste and how to prevent it. From Gary's batch cooking and vacuum packing methods to Andrew's tips on recycling and composting - it really is an eco friendly guide to cooking. With Glasgow set to host the 26th Climate Change Conference it's time that Scotland follows a more sustainable approach to cooking and eating. Expect practical tips and some laughs around recycling faux-pas. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

44 min

Celebrating the theatre of life with James Thomson OBE, owner of The Witchery and Prestonfield House2022-04-01

Rosalind's guest on Scran this week is James Thomson OBE, owner of two significant Edinburgh hospitality institutions; The Witchery and Prestonfield House. Rosalind went along to meet him there a few weeks back. They discussed his life growing up in Edinburgh, the inspiration he took from the theatre and the arts in building his businesses and following his passion, how the city and industry has changed, as well as finding out all about his own preferences for eating and drinking in Scotland. This is a great insight into the motivations and passions of one of Edinburgh's hospitality trailblazers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

25 min

The 13th century castle welcoming guests to the most westerly point of Scotland2022-09-02

Have you ever looked at the remains of an old building or castle and thought - what would it be like to restore it and open it as a restaurant? Well, that's exactly what we'll be talking about on this episode of Scran. Rosalind recently travelled to Mingary Castle, on the west coast of Scotland in Ardnamurchan Estate where she met with Chef Patron Colin Nicolson and his partner, general manager and co-owner Jessica Thompson who have set about making this restaurant with rooms a success despite the obvious challenges of its location. Rosalind learns about how the pair ended up there and what their vision for the castle is. Taking a tour around the community garden and shop, Rosalind also speaks to Rachel Middleton who cares for the garden and supplies the castle and locals alike with an abundance of fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

29 min

Scottish Fusion2019-12-13

This week's Scran is all about Malaysian food with a Scottish twist. Ros talks to Julie Lin, award-winning restaurant owner and head chef at Julie's Kopitiam, about her journey from street food vendor to restaurant owner. Sean Murphy, editor of the Scotsman food and drink website, also makes a debut appearance on the show to discuss his background in the industry and his favourite food hotspots at the moment. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

28 min

Scran celebrating women in the food and drink industry: Diana Thompson2021-03-05

Diana Thompson has over 30 years’ experience within the wine and hospitality industry, including working overseas and national and international roles in the UK. A Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) certified tutor, after working independently with hotels and restaurants for 12 years, Diana launched Wine Events Scotland in 2016 during the first Fizz Feast annual festival, and works with producers and consumers, holding wine workshops, tastings and events across the UK. Diana has received numerous awards, including Scottish Enterprise Awards’ Most Resilient Wine Marketing Enterprise 2020 and ‘Wine Event Organiser of the Year 2020’ at Lux Food & Drink Awards. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

5 min

Scran celebrating women in the food and drink industry: Gemma Paterson2021-03-09

Gemma grew up on the Isle of Lewis in the Hebrides of Scotland. After studying Russian Language at the University of Glasgow, she worked at The Balvenie distillery studying the art of making whisky and looking after visitors from around the world. Gemma’s whisky journey brought her from Speyside to Stateside, New York City, where she travelled the country as Ambassador for Balvenie. Today Gemma resides in Speyside and now as Global Ambassador for Balvenie, connects with drinkers around the world telling stories and sharing drams. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

5 min

A master blender's guide to whisky2019-12-20

It's a whisky-flavoured show this week, as Roz chats to Rachel Barrie about being one of the first female master blenders, her creations to date and what whisky she would take to a desert island. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

26 min

Scran celebrating women in the food and drink industry: Giselle Dye2021-03-12

Giselle is a co founder and Director of Bellfield Brewery, a microbrewery in Edinburgh’s Abbeyhill that produces exclusively gluten free and vegan beer. Started in late 2015, Bellfield is now a well known brand in the Free From space, with seven beers in bottle, can, mini cask and keg and draught. Bellfield has a taproom, beer garden and brewhouse. Giselle also works as a PR consultant/Director at Pagoda PR. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

5 min

Exploring how sound affects taste with 'Unusual Ingredients'2022-04-14

On this episode Rosalind meets the fascinating trio of Unusual Ingredients; Jacob Thompson-Bell, Adam Martin and Caroline Hobkinson. They recently visited Glasgow as part of the Sonica 2022 festival where they led an immersive experience performance where audience members ate their way through the show all the while being played different music and sound effects. The aim of which is to show just how much what we hear can influence our taste and experience. Rosalind also visits the award-winning speakeasy Absent Ear to learn more about their singular approach to cocktail making which has seen them heralded amongst the top 50 best cocktail bars in the UK.. Feel free to join in with the experiments on the podcast, make yourself a coffee or get some chocolate to try it out with us. You'll find more information about 'Unusual Ingredients' and how to join in here; Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

47 min

Talking homebaking and Scottish produce with GBBO winner Peter Sawkins2021-03-12

On this episode of Scran, Rosalind is joined by The Great British Bake Off winner, Peter Sawkins. Peter discusses how he got into baking, Scottish influences in his bakes, what it was like being on the show and his new role as an ambassador for the new campaign from Scotland Food and Drink titled Scotland brings so much to the table. Chef Barry Bryson also joins Rosalind on a call to discuss the importance of seasonal produce, how best to shop and cook with local, seasonal produce as well as revealing who his dream dinner party guests would be. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

36 min

Scran celebrating women in the food and drink industry: Jacine Rutasikwa2021-03-15

Jacine is co-founder of Matugga Distillers, which launched the first rum distillery in Central Scotland in 2018. Together with her husband Paul (Head Distiller), Jacine produces award-winning artisanal rums that are handcrafted from scratch at the family-owned distillery in Livingston. Jacine is a Chartered Professional Marketer and has over 20 years’ experience in media, marketing and business development with major global companies and consulting firms in the U.K and the U.S. She has two daughters aged 7 and 4 years old. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

5 min

The Scottish Gin Boom2022-09-16

This week we're revisiting a topic close to our hearts, Scottish Gi. Making gin, selling gin, promoting gin, writing about gin and well, drinking gin - we've got it all this week. But we're also asking if Gin's time has come. Are we passed the peak and is Gin's time in the sun drawing to a close? First up Rosalind speaks to Sean Murphy, whisky and gin expert and author of two books on Scottish gin. Sean has been researching the very best in Scottish gin particularly and he talks about why he thinks the industry has flourished in recent years. Next up is Jamie Shields from Summerhall Drinks Lab in Edinburgh. Jamie just so happens to host the Talk Gin Podcast with Sean. Rosalind caught up with him about all the wonderful and sometimes weird things he gets up to with alcohol and they discuss whether rum may be the new gin. Finally on this week's episode Rosalind speaks to Natalie and Martin Reid of the Gin Cooperative and founders of the Gin Cooperative Awards to get their take on how the Scottish gin industry is doing, where it might be headed and how their awards offer a unique insight into quality Scottish gins. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

45 min
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