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THE WrestlingWithTheFuture®™ Year in Review End of Year Special.2020-12-16

The 2020 Wrestling Year End In Review with Angelo, Dan The Man and Big Ben #ScalafromOcala VISIT OUR SPONSOR PLEASE: DAN THE MAN BENNY SCALA

70 min


A NO HOLDS BARRED CONVERSATION WITH WWF/WWE/WCW  RING ANNOUNCER GARY MICHAEL CAPPETTA  Gary Michael Cappetta is an professional wrestling ring announcer, author, voice over artist, screenwriter, stage performer, and teacher. ...And after Having spent more than 20 years in the middle of a pro wrestling ring penned and self-published hi personal memiors, Bodyslams: Memoirs of a Wrestling Pitchman. A Book I highly recommend for its no kayfabe spin zone. PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSORS AT: MANSCAPED.COM

82 min

Celebrating Black History Month, Wrestle Style!2020-02-26

WrestlingWithTheFuture®™ Podcast My exclusive interview with Ron Starr is now available for viewing/listening! This Evening was an amazing interview with an always inciteful perspective with one of the top names in the independent wrestling world Ron Starr. We salute Black History Month in grand fashion as we remember names from wrestling past, never to be forgotten. Join Jeff "The Ref" and myself tonight as we welcome my friend Ron Starr to celebrate the breakthroughs & accomplishments of the Greatest African-American Wrestlers of all time in Celebration and Honor of Black History Month.

69 min


GORDON SOLIE: A DAUGHTER REMEMBERS Tonight We Remember The Master himself "THE DEAN OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING" GORDON SOLIE as told by his beloved daughter. Gordon Solie, was a Florida-based professional wrestling play-by-play announcer working for Georgia Championship Wrestling, Championship Wrestling from Florida, USA Championship Wrestling, Continental Championship Wrestling, and World Championship Wrestling. He is considered by the masses to be the most credible announcer to ever hold that prestigious position, giving him the moniker "THE DEAN OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING".

67 min

Karen McDaniel Interview Part II: The Man, The Myth, Her Husband, Wahoo McDaniel!2020-04-23

TONIGHT on Wrestling With The Future®™ Podcast We continue our conversation with Karen McDaniel (Mrs. Wahoo McDaniel) as she shares insights into The Man, The Myth, The Legend known as Wahoo McDaniel ... Karen's Stories are Priceless! She May Have To Come Back EVERY Week! I will also introduce my New Permanent Co Host Dan "THE MAN" Sebastiano (Dan Sebastiano) I think you'll like "The Kid"!

113 min

WWE/WCW Music Man Hurricane J.J. (John) Maguire PART II2020-04-24

WrestlingWithTheFuture®™ Podcast Presents... PART II of Our Extended Interview with J.J. Maguire (John Maguire) The Man Who Brought you (along with Jimmy Hart) some of the Most Iconic Entrance Themes in Pro Wrestling History!!! We will talk, Music, Wrestling and his Life in Hollywood, Of Course! A WEEKLY IN DEPTH CONVERSATION ABOUT PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING’S GLORIOUS PAST AND (HOPEFULLY) ABUNDANT FUTURE. HOSTED BY PRO WRESTLING SUPER-FAN PSYCHIC MEDIUM ANGELO AND A WIDE ARRAY OF SPECIAL ROTATING CO HOSTS FROM INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE WRESTLING INDUSTRY.

113 min

Special Report: Breaking News/Jon Huber (BRODIE LEE)2020-12-30

Special Report: Breaking News ... The Passing of Jon Huber (BRODIE LEE) Professional wrestler Jon Huber died Saturday at age 41, the leagues he worked with and his family announced. Huber, known to fans at both Brodie Lee and Luke Harper, died of a "non Covid related lung issue" and had been getting treatment at the Mayo Clinic, his wife, Amanda, wrote on Instagram. "My best friend died today," she wrote Saturday. "No words can express the love I feel or how broken I am right now."

37 min

MOBTALK EXCLUSIVE with Best Selling Author Nick Christophers2020-11-13

NICK CHRISTOPHERS, AUTHOR For the past 25 years, Nick Christophers has immersed himself in the field of Mafia and Mod related writing and authorship,  cranking out one bestseller after another INCLUDING: DESTINIES DESTINIES II: NO HONOR AMONG THEIVES, PRISON RULES, MAFIA TIES  and did a stint as the editor of Mob Candy Magazine. He also received a literary achievement award for exceptional reporting from the Leader in Greek Internet Radio Aktina FM. He was recently featured on the Reelz TV documentary Mafia Killers with Colin McLaren and That is how I discovered Nick Christophers.

80 min


PETE WILLCOX: AMERICA'S TV ELVIS "COFFEE WITH THE KING" Americas TV Elvis, actor, impressionist, Elvis tribute artist Pete Willcox takes us on a daily video devotional as he discusses issues of the day and the things that we all experience in our daily lives, and how we could make things just a little easier for ourselves by introducing Jesus into the mix. Pete is joined by his co-host Spiritual Psychic Medium Angelo DiSipio for a unique perspective on the daily walk. Join them EVERY WEDNESDAY at 9:00 A.M. Right Here on the WrestlingWithTheFuture Podcast Network.

42 min

WWTF Non-Wrestling Episode: Tom Jones Tribute Artist Steven Mccoy2020-04-29

A Rare NON-WRESTLING Show featuring America's foremost Tom Jones Tribute Artist and Las Vegas Showman Steve McCoy as we sit down to discuss everything from Entertainment, News, The Political State of Affairs, Conspiracy and Conjecture (and maybe Bigfoot, Aliens, The Secret Space Program & The Illuminati) No Topic is Off Limit... ASK YOUR QUESTIONS, SUBMIT THEM HERE: EDITORS NOTE: This will be an Adult Discussion of Very Controversial Topics and Subject Matter. Listener/Viewer Discretion Advised. Legal Opinion Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this program are those of the panelists and participants and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, policy or position of Wrestling With The Future Podcast Network its Network Affiliates or Wrestling With The Future TV including Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion Twitter or any form of Viable alternate Social Media Platforming by which we broadcast.. Any opinion content provided by our panelists or guests are their own opinion, and are not intended to malign any Person, Persons, Group of People, Corporations or in any way to bring shame upon any person/persons Living or Deceased. Enjoy this program here and across all of our streaming platforms, EVERYWHERE!

130 min

The Refs Roundtable: Episode 9 Mikey Messier & Baron Von Kelleher2020-04-29

WrestlingWithTheFuture®™ Presents... The Ref's Roundtable Mike (Legacy List w/Matt Paxon) Kelleher & Filmmaker Mikey Messier A Weekly Discussion on all things wrestling, sports & entertainment from two of the leaders in the field! Join them every week for all new episodes running the gamut. Join BARON VON KELLEHER as he and his cohost delve into a new and exciting topic each and every week on "THE REF'S ROUNDTABLE"! Always Remembering Our Friend Jeff Robinson, "Jeff The Ref"

56 min

Warrior Pro founder Adam Perilloux2021-09-10

ADAM PERRILOUX-WARRIOR PRO WRESTLING   The long awaited return of the ORIGINAL WrestlingWithTheFuture Podcast with Angelo Thomas DiSipio. Our special guest is Warrior Pro founder and promotional savant Adam Perilloux .. This will be a hot button show. No doubt. Join us both at 7:00 P.m. right here on our flagship station and participate in the discussion.  Our Call in number: 609-389-9829

61 min

WrestlingWithTheFuture®™ Special Roundtable Discussion2020-05-01


118 min

Actress Christine Nordstrom: ONE ON ONE "The Sacrifice For Art"2021-01-06

ACTRESS CHRISTINE NORDSTROM Returning guest Entertainment Actress Christine Nordstrom joins us for her second appearance. Christine is a Voice Actor, Commercial Spokesperson, TV/Film Actress and Performance Artist. Christine Nordstrom and I will take a deep dive look into what it takes to make it the world of television and film in the modern era. We go over some of her film roles and talk about what she took away from each of them. Also a Special Phone Call RUN IN from my dear friend, Entertainment Manager Stephen M. Plym calls Christine to say hello.

91 min

The LIVING LEGEND Larry Zbyszko with A Surprise "RUN IN" By Voice of the AWA Ken Resnick2020-11-18

LARRY ZBYSZKO Lawrence Whistler (born December 5, 1951), better known by the ring name Larry Zbyszko, is an semi retired american professional wrestler and author and perhaps is best known for his feud with his mentor, Bruno Sammartino, during the early 1980s. Among other accolades, he is a two-time world champion having twice held the AWA World Heavyweight Championship a title that he Retired. Zbyszko was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on March 28, 2015 by his Mentor Bruno Sammartino Zbyszko was also inducted into the New England Pro Wrestling HOF in 2010 by Mike Messier. Visit Our Sponsors @Manscaped

86 min

Book Author Jeannine Mjoseth: "The Chronicles of Mad Maxine"2021-01-08

THE WRITERS ROOM: Author Jeannine Mjoseth "The Chronicles of Mad Maxine" Jeannine Mjoseth is a former journalist, independent art curator, and professional wrestler better known by her stage names Mad Maxine and Lady Maxine. During her time served in the World Wrestling Federation, she sported her trademark green mohawk and was trained and managed by Lilian Ellison, known worldwide as The Fabulous Moolah. After retiring from wrestling, she pursued a career in journalism, and later worked as a science writer for National Institute of Health's Institute on Aging and The National Human Genome Research Institute. The Chronicles of Mad Maxine: About The Book The Chronicles of Mad Maxine tells one woman's story of training to be a lady wrestler at the Fabulous Moolah's School of Professional Wrestling. The novel, set on the 30-acre training camp in Columbia, South Carolina, is a fictionalized account of author Jeannine Mjoseth's experiences in the mid-1980s, when she became skilled at flying head scissors, the soaring suplex and the body slam. Both hardcore wrestling fans and people who've never seen a match will thrill to the raw action both inside and outside the ring at the renown Camp Moolah.

53 min

Reliving SCW Wrestling with Eddy Mansfield & Cowboy Scott Casey2020-11-20

Cowboy Scott Casey Scott Casey began his wrestling career around 1970 and in his early career spent nine years in Joe Blanchard's Southwest Championship Wrestling promotion. On August 30, 1983 Casey defeated Adrian Adonis to win the Southwest Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship.[2] A month later, on September 11 he defeated Tully Blanchard to win the SWCW Southwest Heavyweight Championship.[3] In September, Casey also held the SWCW Southwest Tag Team Championship with Buddy Mareno, replacing the 'injured' Bobby Jaggers.[4] After leaving SCW he went to World Class Championship Wrestling where he was managed by Sunshine. Casey and Sunshine would also bring in The Great Kabuki in a feud with Jim Cornette and Midnight Express, and later Kabuki after he turned on Scott and Sunshine. John Tatum and Missy Hyatt would also show up and work a program with Casey and Sunshine too. However he would leave WCCW in the middle of the program and Sunshine would keep the program going with other wrestlers involved. Eddy Mansfield Eddy Mansfield, a successful producer of television programming for over twenty years, heads up Mansfield Entertainment's executive management team. His dynamic leadership makes possible the development, production, and marketing strategies and drives revenue streams and cash flow, while building asset value and ultimately, enhance shareholder value. Eddy worked in the spotlight as a professional sports figure for many years before endeavoring to pursue a career in television; first as a professional baseball player, then as one of the top ten professional wrestlers worldwide. Eddy held that prestigious position for ten years. A move to New York enabled him to do what he enjoys doing best - produce television programming. Southwest Championship Wrestling Southwest Championship Wrestling became the first weekly wrestling program on the USA Cable Network, airing Sundays at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time. As a result of the new national exposure, SWCW staged a one-night tournament in Houston, Texas, to determine an "Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion." Adrian Adonis was the winner of this tournament, and as a result he was presented with the oldest existing championship belt by Lou Thesz as well as a brand new belt. The 75-Year Old Belt is now on display at the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in Waterloo, Iowa

90 min


PETE WILLCOX: HAVING COFFEE WITH THE KING Americas TV Elvis, actor, impressionist, Elvis tribute artist Pete Willcox takes us on a daily video devotional as he discusses issues of the day and the things that we all experience in our daily lives, and how we could make things just a little easier for ourselves by introducing Jesus into the mix. Pete is joined by his co-host Spiritual Psychic Medium Angelo DiSipio for a unique perspective on the daily walk. Join them EVERY WEDNESDAY at 9:00 A.M. Right Here on the WrestlingWithTheFuture Podcast Network. VISIT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL

38 min

Our Very Special Guest The ONE & ONLY Magnum T.A. Terry Allen2020-05-06

Join us for an extremely rare up-close-and-personal interview with one of the business's greatest In ring performers ever, the enigmatic "Magnum TA" Terry Allen! Magnum T.A. received the Lou Thesz World Heavyweight Championship Award. The award is given to an individual in wrestling who has taken the skills of the sport into the realm of public service. Allen began his career competing in Championship Wrestling from Florida and Mid-South Wrestling, before becoming a national superstar in Jim Crockett Promotions. He worked behind the scenes in JCP and World Championship Wrestling. Allen inspired millions by overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds after a debilitating injury.

138 min

Imperial Wrestling Entertainment Superstar John CREATURE FEATURE Campbell (Part 1)2021-09-17

JOHN CREATURE FEATURE CAMPBELL Hey Guys Join me for a rapid fire conversation with Michigan's Imperial Wrestling Entertainment Top Gun John Campbell, "THE CREATURE FEATURE" ... Tonight we dive head on into the world of Independent Professional Wrestling from a guy who has as they say "been there and done that". Even I, The Jaded Old Fart learned something I had Never Known. Join us to find out WHAT!!  Only on WrestlingWithTheFuture® Podcast.

63 min
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