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The Tune Project Podcast

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The Tune Project Podcast is a show where artists and musicians all over the world have the opportunity to share their story and showcase their talent. The show's host, Lauren Abels, is a professional violinist and fiddle player who currently resides in Nashville, TN, and is passionate about sharing her love and knowledge of music with others while using her malleable skills as a violinist to enhance the music of those around her.

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Finding Hope After Loss Through Music w/ Gabe Baker2022-12-03

I had a great time chatting with multi-talented artist, Gabe Baker, on this episode. During this episode, Gabe share’s his unique story of being bound for a career as a professional athlete in his youth, and allowing his life to be guided in a different direction after having the unique experience of being on a music reality TV show, along with lessons learned through grief from the passing of his mother in 2019. Gabe also talks about his music career being born during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as being catapulted into Music City’s vibrant and competitive community, where he currently resides as a songwriter, performing artist, and studio session cellist.  Gabe's Social Media & Music: Instagram - @thegabebaker Website - Spotify -

35 min

The Healing Power Of Music w/ Asher Laub2022-09-01

Asher began classical violin training at the tender age of 2 and had performed with the Buffalo philharmonic by age 13. His expertise in trans-genre improvisation has led him to a career as an in-demand soloist, performing at venues including Madison Square Garden, Hammerstein Hall, Lincoln Center, and the Jacob Javitz Center.  He has also been featured on PBS, and has made headlines on CNN, WABC, NBC and many other major news sources. Asher is known for breakdancing across stages with his LED electric violin, in addition to performing as a DJ violinist, bringing his experience as a live performer and technical prowess as an audio editing and mixing guru to countless clubs and stages across the country. "Atlantis":

51 min

Cultivating A Thirst For Knowledge w/ Mike Caprarola2023-01-31

Originally from New Jersey, Mike started piano lessons at age thirteen and has been performing and composing music ever since. After playing in many different musical groups in high school, he attended Berklee College of Music and graduated in 2015. After graduating, he moved to Nashville, TN to pursue a career in music. Mike spent seven years as a lead vocalist and keyboardist for the Beatles tribute act Forever Abbey Road, and currently has a weekly residency playing parlor piano at the Urban Cowboy, and works as an accompanist for vocal students at both Trevecca Nazarene University and Lipscomb University. Mike is also currently focusing on accompanying and producing his own compositions under the moniker Letter H. During this episode, Mike shares his experiences playing multiple roles within the music industry over the years, and how that led to him discovering his strengths. We also chat about impactful film scores, overcoming self doubt as an artist, and the importance of continuously learning as a creative. Mike's Social Media: Instagram - @mikecapmusic1, @letterhmusic Spotify -

69 min

Showing Up & Making Your Life Happen w/ Kiran Gupta2020-06-30

In this episode, I sit down with my friend, Kiran Gupta, to discuss his experience working in and seeing multiple angles of the music industry, and how his perspective and skills have evolved since living in Nashville. Solo horn tune: Prelude To A Sun Still Rising by Kiran Gupta Instagram: mr.kiran.gupta

44 min

The Value of Live Performance In A Technological Age w/ Will MacLean2019-12-15

In this episode, Will MacLean joins me for a candid discussion about the new wave of folk and bluegrass musicians, appreciating live performance in an age where technology is king, life on the road, and much more!  In this episode, Will also shares some of his original songs, including "Cough Drop", "Not Sugarfoot Rag", and more. Notable mentions:- The Cleverly's- Will MacLean Band- The Cleverly's 2019 album, "Blue"- Karen Baloo's upcoming album, "The Deer's Cry" Will MacLean's social media:@willmacleanmusic@banjoronin

41 min

Music Education, Jazz, & The Underrated Side Of Music w/ Ryan Casey2021-09-25

In this episode, I sat down with guitarist Ryan Casey to chat all things teaching music lessons, jazz, and the practical, not-so-glamorous side of the music industry. Ryan Casey's website:

52 min

Finding Originality In A Saturated Industry w/ Luca Di Fabio2020-04-06

Thanks for listening! It was such a pleasure getting to chat and play music with my guest, Luca Di Fabio for this episode. Luca's Magazine: Mundane Mag Songs featured in this episode, in order of appearance:- En e Xanax- Love Is a Revolving Door- Undercover Luca's Youtube channel: Luca's Spotify:

59 min

Staying Positive & Finding Empowerment Through Pop Music w/ Audrey Jane2020-05-27

This episode features guest, Audrey Jane. See what she's up to by visiting her website,, and check out her music at Songs featured in this episode:Rainbow - Kacey MusgravesPrayers - Audrey JaneMy Sexuality - Audrey Jane

37 min

Working Smarter, Not Harder w/ Max Nunes2022-01-17

In this episode of The Tune Project Podcast, I'm talking with Max Nunes of the band 'Sundaes' about his journey to becoming a songwriter/musician, the evolution of his sound, and how to work more efficiently when writing and producing songs so as not to waste valuable time. Max's Social Media & Music:

83 min

Juggling Performing Full-Time On Nashville's Broadway w/ Bassist Brandon Cantwell2019-11-17

In this episode, I invite my guest, Brandon Cantwell, to share some insight into the world of "New Broadway" and what it's like being a full-time bassist in Nashville. Songs featured on this episode: "Big Mon" by Bill Monroe"Going Up the Country" by Canned Heat"Madeline" by Brandon Cantwell Notable mentions from the episode: Taylor Martin BandA-ha Comma - "After the Magic" SingleThe Flying Buffaloes - "Clementine" on album, "Loaded & Rollin'"Fargo - "The Fantastic Voyage" EP Brandon's social media:Facebook - J. Brandon CantwellInstagram - bcantwell12

18 min

Carving Your Own Path As A Creative w/ Katelyn Buckley2021-08-25

In this episode, I am talking to multi-instrumentalist Katelyn Buckley about getting her start in Nashville, and how she is carving her own path in a town filled with talent.  Katelyn's Social Media:

41 min

Respecting Tradition Without Falling Into Convention w/ Kiran Gupta2020-07-29

In part two of this episode, Kiran Gupta and I pick up with more music and more stories from his experiences working as a musician, composer, and more. Kiran's Instagram: @mr.kiran.gupta Piano solo featured in this episode: "Happy Thoughts" by Kiran Gupta, written for Kiran Gupta Cage Free

45 min

Exploring What It Means To Be a 'Nashville Musician' w/ Nathan Taylor and Jeff Wood2019-10-07

Welcome to the first episode of The Tune Project Podcast! In this episode, I am talking with bassist Jeff Wood, and guitarist Nathan Taylor about what it means to be a "Nashville Musician".

44 min

Taking The Leap Into A Dream Career w/ Matt Bowen2023-06-03

My guest today is Matt Bowen, an ASCAP award-winning composer based in Los Angeles, California. A classically trained violinist from the age of three and later a member of a touring youth symphony, Matt ultimately shifted to working behind the scenes. He teamed up with record producer Matt Wallace (Maroon 5, Faith No More) and worked as an engineer on RIAA-certified platinum singles Michael Franti & Spearhead's "All Rebel Rockers" and O.A.R.'s "All Sides.” As composing projects continued to ramp up, Matt ultimately pivoted to composing full-time. Matt recently scored Hulu’s R-rated feature film THE BINGE starring Vince Vaughn and Skyler Gisondo, and his work can be heard on the gritty Emmy Award-winning documentary BLOOD ROAD (Red Bull Media House). He also teamed up with Christopher Lennertz to co-score the Netflix TV series BEST WORST WEEKEND EVER. In addition to composing, Matt has contributed as an arranger, orchestrator, and composer of additional music on a wide variety of projects for all mediums. He frequently works on Christopher Lennertz's music team on projects such as THE BOYS and BAD MOMS. The pieces featured throughout this episode include, in order of appearance, “Not Ready” from TV series The Boys, season 3, the main theme from "It's A Wonderful Binge", “I Have No One”, also from "It's A Wonderful Binge", and another piece from The Boys Season 3, “The Vial”. Some of the topics we cover during our conversation today are Matt’s creative process when scoring for new projects, how his background as a performer and audio engineer informs his current work, and some fun stories from his violin-playing days. Matt's Social Media:

58 min

Finding Solidarity Through Song w/ Fernando Ortega2023-06-03

Fernando Ortega is a recording artist based in Albuquerque, NM, and played an instrumental role in the Christian music renaissance of the 1990s. As a young adult, Fernando was involved in music education and ministry, and soon after, began touring as a Christian singer-songwriter. Fernando is best known for his thoughtful arrangements of traditional hymns, including “Give Me Jesus” and “Be Thou My Vision”, which, through their success, made him one of the most prominent Christian artists in the world. Fernando has an extensive discography of 22 albums, he has won 3 Dove awards, and has had songs rank on the Billboard 200 and Billboard Christmas album charts. He’s also toured with Amy Grant and Vince Gill, and recorded with Alison Krauss and Union Station.  Some of the topics we cover during our conversation today are challenges as a songwriter - specifically within a religious community; how it was the music of Brahms that, as a teen, encouraged him to find new meaning in life; and the solidarity Fernando hopes to find with his listeners through his songs. The songs featured in this episode are, in order of appearance: "Mildred Madalyn Johnson" by Fernando Ortega, released in 2004 on album "Fernando Ortega". Provided by Curb Records, Inc. "Traveler" by Fernando Ortega, released in 2002 on album "Storm". Provided by World Entertainment. "Dragonfly" by Fernando Ortega, released in 2004 on album "Fernando Ortega". Provided by Curb Records, Inc. Fernando Ortega's music and social media:

48 min

Breaking Stereotypes & Finding What Matters w/ Julia Cannon2023-07-08

Julia Cannon is a Nashville-based songwriter, recording artist and music producer who is hard to forget. Recently lauded for her “beautiful balladry” by Rolling Stone (2022), Julia’s soothing, honeyed voice and quirky personality offer a refreshing, vibrant contrast to the bittersweet honesty of her lyrics and uncertain times for those listening. Julia was raised in Alaska by a hardworking Filipino mother, in a household she could only describe as “unorthodox.” While surviving adversities, Julia Cannon developed her wicked sense of humor and offbeat persona early. As one of very few people of color in a mostly white, ultra-conservative community, Julia’s creative voice cemented her identity as a young woman who could not - and would not - be overwritten. Julia Cannon’s sound has been described as playful and relaxing, but her tone transcends the folk-pop genre to include soul, rock, and jazz influences. She credits her genre-bending style to influences such as Ella Fitzgerald, Paul McCartney, and Stevie Wonder. In July of 2021, she released her EP Listening, which received positive feedback from both fans and the press. Most recently, Julia made her debut at Newport Folk Festival, with resounding applause and a nod from Rolling Stone.  Julia has a growing fanbase in Nashville, who join an existing community of ardent supporters both at home in Alaska and across the US. She is quickly becoming a fan- favorite on the popular social media platform TikTok, with over 14K followers. Known for her outstanding musicality, disarming persona, beauty, style, and offbeat humor, Julia Cannon is a bright star to watch.  Some of the topics we cover in this episode are women in music, the importance of looking after our mental health, fearlessly breaking stereotypes, embracing the cringe, and going where the joy is. Julia Cannon's music & social media: Mental health & financial resources mentioned in the episode:

58 min

Defying Genre & Making Studio Magic w/ Barie2023-09-22

Raised in the small town of McMinnville, Oregon, Barie emerges as a mesmerizing voice in the realm of alternative rock here in Music City.  With a profound passion for writing original music, and an innate ability to craft captivating melodies, Barie's journey through music is one of authenticity, creativity, and resonance. Born into a family of musicians, Barie's passion for music was ignited at a young age. Her early years were filled with the sound of guitars and original music written and recorded by her parents, laying the foundation for her future artistic endeavors.  With a boundless curiosity and an unquenchable thirst for self-expression, she began experimenting with her own melodies and lyrics, uncovering a natural gift for crafting evocative tunes. Barie's lyrical prowess often touches on themes of self-discovery, love, loss, and the intricate tapestry of human emotions. Her songs serve as a medium through which listeners can explore their own feelings and experiences, finding solace in the melodies and comfort in the lyrics. In an era where authenticity often shines the brightest, Barie stands as a beacon of genuine artistry. Her soulful voice, poetic lyrics, and unwavering dedication to both music and connection, create a powerful synergy that resonates deeply with fans. With each performance, Barie invites listeners to embark on a shared emotional journey—one where the magic of melodies, and the importance of expression intertwine.  Some of the topics we cover during our conversation today are: showing up as your authentic self as an artist, surrounding yourself with people who have your best interest at heart, and setting aside the ego to make room for magic in the studio. Songs featured in this episode: “Children of the Corn” and “Chalklines and Bloodstains” Barie's music and social media:

54 min
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