Scrollin’: A Podcast About The Elder Scrolls Online

Scrollin’: A Podcast About The Elder Scrolls Online

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A podcast about ESO with a focus on PvP, build discussions, and the game’s development cycle.

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Ep. 89 - Shoutout Grizzly Mom!2022-11-10

Firesong DLC impressions after 1 week. The state of Templars. Templar buff wishlist. StamPlar, MagCro, MagDen, and MagSorc theorycraft discussion, and more! Email us at Music available at

82 min

Ep. 82 - The Bad Broke2022-08-04

Sunken Depths PTS weeks 3 & 4 discussion! StamBlade and StamDK theorycraft discussion, and more! Email us at Music available at

70 min

Ep. 47 - Unexpected Side Effect: Makes You Suck At BG's2021-03-25

Our thoughts on the Flames of Ambition patch. StamPlar, MagPlar, StamDen, MagDen, MagCro, StamDK, and other theorycraft discussion. IRL updates, and more! Email us at Hit us up in-game @KetSparrowhawk or @Starjumper (PC/NA) Music available at

63 min

Ep. 73 - Tarnished Scrolls Online2022-03-10

You may notice a change in the audio quality. My usual mic stopped working so I had to record using a gaming headset.  We've been taking a break from ESO the last couple of weeks so we're a little light on content this week. We recap the things we're looking forward to in the upcoming patch, and we also discuss what we have been up to outside of ESO. Email us at Music available at

30 min

Ep. 92 - Schmelder Schmolls2023-01-06

2022 Retrospective & The Future Core Combat Values PVP Builds! So Many Builds! And more.. Email us at Music available at

90 min

Ep. 86 - ”Firesong” PTS Weeks 1 & 22022-09-29

A deep-dive discussion about the first two weeks of the Firesong PTS. Werewolf, Nightblade, MagDK theorycraft discussion. Nord Decks, and more! Email us at Music available at

90 min

Ep. 79 - Broakensoul2022-06-23

In this episode we discuss our experience with the High Isle chapter over the last couple of weeks, the Battlegrounds META, the new (Br)Oakensoul mythic, MagCro and StamPlar theorycraft discussion, and more! There was some unavoidable background noise during the recording.. I did my best to minimize it but it still comes through in spots. Hope it's not too distracting! Email us at Music available at

61 min

Ep. 77 - Gerald’s Hard Lemonade2022-05-06

High High PTS weeks 2-3. StamPlar and StamDen theorycraft discussion. Elden ring PVP, and more! Email us at Music available at

67 min

Ep. 10 - Update 25, Harrowstorm!2020-03-01

The Harrowstorm DLC is now live!  In this episode I talk a bit more about some of the new and reworked armor sets, combat and balance changes, battlegrounds, and other stuff. Links: YouTube Channel: Patch Notes: Block Changes: Email:

35 min

Ep. 70 - The GuarPlar2022-01-27

We discuss Matt Firor's forum discussion regarding server performance improvements planned for this year. Other topics include: The Deadric War Celebration Event; gear discussion (Markyn, Gaze of Sithis, Rush of Agony, Dark Convergence); Battlegrounds; BowSorc, MagBlade, StamCro, MagPlar theorycraft discussion; and more! Email us at Music available at

72 min

Ep. 90 - The BG Report: Firesong Edition!2022-11-25

It is once again time to have a deep-dive discussion about the current state of Battlegrounds, as well as rank all the classes from worst to best. Our good friend UncleSam joins us to help sort it all out. We also have some Templar and BowCro theorycraft discussion, a review of the Order's Wrath set, and more! Email us at Music available at

117 min

Ep. 83 - DC Boys vs Stuhn’s Goons2022-08-18

Lost Depths PTS Week 5. META predictions. An ever-changing META. Imperial City. BG's. StamDK, StamPlar, StamBlade, StamDen theorycraft discussion. Sad Templar noises, and more! Email us at Music available at

100 min

Ep. 48 - Hey! Knock it off2021-04-09

Trying some new stuff this episode. We discuss some notable ESO videos we've watched this week; some possibilities for the up-coming "proc set rework"; magDK, stamDK, magPlar, stamPlar, magCro, stamCro theorycraft discussion; tips for learning the ropes in PVP; dumb jokes, and more! Email us at  Hit us up in-game (PC/NA) @KetSparrowk or @Starjumper Music available at:

71 min

Ep. 74 - Maidenless BG Experience2022-03-24

Davius had to take care of some irl stuff so it's just me (Ket) this time. I talk about the current PVP META and the state of BG's, a slight shift in the direction of the podcast, and more Elden Ring talk. Hope you enjoy. Email us at  Music available at

48 min

Ep. 93 - Mythic Pants2023-01-19

Featuring special guest: Mother of Dragons! MoD gives us a bunch of great tips for making lots of gold in ESO. We also have some MagSorc, MagDen, and MagCro theorycraft discussion. MagDen vs MagCro healing comparison, and much more! Email us at Music available at

65 min

Ep. 32 - Markarth PTS Week 12020-09-27

We discuss week one of the Markarth PTS. New sets, major/minor buff changes, set collections, grouping returns to BG's, and other fun stuff! Email us at Hit us up in-game @KetSparrowhawk or @Starjumper Music available at:

99 min

Ep. 87 - Hopeful Juices2022-10-14

Firesong PTS weeks 3-4 discussion. Revisiting the state of Templar. Maintenance Mode? StamSorc, StamDen, & MagDK Theorycraft discussion. BG's and more! Email us at Music available at

101 min

Ep. 26 - The Goal Will Find You2020-08-10

Stonethorn PTS week 4. New Thrassian (again). Some discussion about magblade, stamsorc, stamdk, stamden, magplar, and other stuff. Email us at Hit us up in game @KetSparrowhawk or @Starjumper Music available at:

70 min

Ep. 80 - Humanoid Skoomah!2022-07-07

Davius is on vacation this week. In his place we have special guest Skoomah! We talk at length about Werewolves, the current state of PVP, Oakensoul, MagCro, MagDen, and WW theorycraft discussion, and more! Email us at Music available at

77 min

Ep. 39 - Passion In That Snap!2020-11-20

Bug fixes, Markarth DLC talk, BG's. MagPlar, MagCro, Werewolf, MagDen and StamDK theorycraft discussion, and more! Email us at Hit us up in-game @KetSparrowhawk or @Starjumper Music available at:

54 min
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