Mouse Madness Podcast

Mouse Madness Podcast

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We're "going dancing" with all things Disney! On this podcast we'll bracket EVERYTHING from movies to music to rides to snacks. Join Kyle Skinner and Chris Bowersox on their never-ending quest to settle on all the "bests" in the World of Disney.

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Best Disney Hero (Part 1)2019-05-04

Will a classic hero conquer this bracket? Or will an improbable protagonist emerge from somewhere unexpected? Part I of our "Best Disney Hero" discussion. Time Stamps: 0:00 - 4:15: Introduction 4:16 - 6:04: "Spoonful of Sugar" 6:04 - 11:17: Topic Description 11:17 - 16:43: "Missed the Dance" 16:43 - 21:45: Bracket Selections 21:45 - 56:00: Round of 16 56:00 - 1:06:20 Elite 8 1:06:20 - 1:08:08 Outro

68 min

Best Disney Hero (Part 2)2019-05-27

We give some listener feedback, have a brief discussion on Disney+, and crown the winner of our Best Disney Hero bracket.

48 min

Best Disney Villain (Part 1)2019-06-10

We're back with another bracket. This time, we're looking at the baddest of the bad. Who will be the King or Queen of Evil in our Best Disney Villains bracket? Kyle begins the episode with a trip report on his recent Galaxy's Edgeless trip to the Disneyland Resort. We'd like to thank our guest host and tiebreaker on this episode, Elizabeth Bowersox! Follow us on Twitter @MouseMadnessPod or send us an email at

64 min

Best Disney Villain (Part 2)2019-06-24

Our field of 16 was stacked, but we're down to the Final 4 in our Best Disney Villains bracket. A few big names slug it out to earn the right to be called the baddest of the bad. But first, Chris gives a review of the new live-action 'Aladdin', and Chris and Kyle engage in a discussion about live-action remakes in general. With special guest, Elizabeth Bowersox.

38 min

Best Pixar Movie (Part 1)2019-07-09

We're sidestepping over to Pixar this week with the Best Pixar Movie bracket. Will one of the classics hold up, or will a shiny new toy land the top spot? Follow us on Twitter @MouseMadnessPod or email us at With special guest, Kalli Rutherford!

73 min

Best Pixar Movie (Part 2)2019-07-23

Toys, fish, balloons, & super heroes. Which Pixar powerhouse stood atop this bracket? Find out in this episode of Mouse Madness. With special guest, Kalli Rutherford!

46 min

Best Ride at Disney California Adventure Park (Part 1)2019-08-06

We're hitting the SoCal parks this week while looking for the Best Ride at Disney California Adventure Park. Please make sure your seatbelt is securely fastened, because we've got plenty of thrills in this episode. With special guest, Kadeem Coad!

59 min

Best Ride at Disney California Adventure Park (Part 2)2019-08-20

Will a DCA original claim the crown? Or will a newer thrill ride take the title of Best Disney's California Adventure Ride. Find out in this episode! Also, Chris, Kyle, and guest host Kadeem make predictions for the upcoming 2019 D23 Expo.

39 min

Best Disney Dog (Part 1)2019-09-02

Good boys and good girls, rejoice! So many doggos, so little time. We're barking up the Best Disney Dogs bracket. But first, we review some of our favorite announcements from D23. With guest-host Nina!

51 min

Best Disney Dog (Part 2)2019-09-16

It's a Dog Eat Dog world of Disney, and in this episode we crown the Top Dog in our Best Disney Dogs bracket. Be sure to email us at with all of your rebuttals, comments, disagreements, hot takes, tips, ideas, and compliments. Or follow us on Twitter: @mousemadnesspod With special guest, Nina Garrovillo

44 min

Best Disney Animated Movie (Part 1)2019-09-30

It's hard work, but someone has to do it. Will a classic tale reign supreme? Or will a new story steal the crown? Our Best Disney Animated Movie bracket is SURE to get you talking. With special guest, Taylor Steinhilber!

90 min

Best Disney Animated Movie (Part 2)2019-10-15

On this episode, we crown the winner of our Best Disney Animated Movie bracket. Will it be a classic? Or will it be a modern mega-hit? But first, we respond to a couple of listener emails and enjoy a Spoonful of Sugar (or two). With special guest, Taylor Steinhilber!

58 min

Best Mighty Duck (Part 1)2019-10-28

The boys dive into 90s nostalgia to define what it means to be the absolute best Mighty Duck on and off the ice. This episode's Final Four leave you quacking for more. With special guest, Kyle Reeves!

69 min

Best Mighty Duck (Part 2)2019-11-12

We're back in quack. In this episode, find out who skates home with the title of Best Mighty Duck. But first, Chris and Kyle discuss The Little Mermaid Live! With special guest Kyle Reeves

45 min

Best Disney Prince (Part 1)2019-11-25

We're coming for the patriarchy in this episode with the Best Disney Prince bracket. Who will wear the REAL crown at the end of this one? But first, we go over first impressions of Disney+ With special guest Julia Paladino!

55 min

Best Disney Prince (Part 2)2019-12-10

The boys are back with a quick and sweet episode crowning the Best Disney Prince alongside guest host Julia! Will a new-school prince take the throne, or will nostalgia place the crown on the head of a classic?

20 min

MINI EPISODE: Frozen 2 Review2019-12-17

Arendelle is cold, but the takes are hot! The boys breakdown the latest Disney blockbuster, but did they catch the Frozen Fever? Got a rebuttal? Want to be a tiebreaker host? We'd love to hear from you: Email us at Tweet us @MouseMadnessPod Chat with us on Discord:

53 min

Best Disney Thing Of The 2010s (Part 1)2019-12-24

A decade of Disney dominance is coming to an end. There's tons to appreciate but what stands out as the BEST thing Disney has done since 2010? But first, we discuss some Disney-themed New Years Resolutions. With special guest, Tess! Got a rebuttal? Want to be a tiebreaker host? We'd love to hear from you: Email us at Tweet us @MouseMadnessPod Chat with us on Discord:

71 min

Best Disney Thing of the 2010s (Part 2)2020-01-07

Only one thing can be crowned the GOTD. Will the parks steal the show, or will rabid fandom get in the way like always? We'll probably have to live with the result for the next 10 years, so let's hope the boys got it right ... With special guest, Tess! Got a rebuttal? Want to be a tiebreaker host? We'd love to hear from you: Email us at Tweet us @MouseMadnessPod Chat with us on Discord:

45 min

Best Disney Cat (Part 1)2020-01-22

It's another pet-friendly episode, as we prove that "cats rule and dogs drool" in our Best Disney Cat bracket. With returning special guest, Nina! Got a rebuttal? Want to be a tiebreaker host? We'd love to hear from you: Email us at Tweet us @MouseMadnessPod Chat with us on Discord:

63 min
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