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Life Lately...

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Welcome to an all-new, refreshed podcast called life-lately. Life Lately is a podcast where we talk about all things life. Life is made up of many things, and so is this podcast. I have tried many times to narrow down just one or a few things that we talk about on this show and it just never worked. I am a multi-passionate and multifaceted person and I am a firm believer that we really all are. From mental health, and living more organically, to being human, and finding true health and happiness we will talk about it all here on the podcast.

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Ep.66: The #1 question I am asked - How to ditch diet culture but pursue optimal health and happiness!?2021-02-12

Either it is in the DM's or it is in the comment sections, sometimes it is in an email or via conversation but I am always asked how to ditch diet culture without giving up on our health? How do we continue to work towards feeling our best all-around, physically mentally, and emotionally but give up all the BS of diet culture? Can this even be done? I am diving into all of that today on the podcast! And if you want to listen in on the older episode of what I think about "balance" why I do not really like it and why I think it gets the wrong reputation to listen in here to this previous episode. Are we connected on Instagram?

31 min

Taking Up Space -Behind The Transformation!2020-03-10

It is FINALLY here! For the past few weeks I have been talking non-stop about this amazing transformation and I am so excited that is if finally here. But before we dive into all the good stuff that this next year, this next chapter for the podcast I wanted to take some time and share a little behind the scenes of what fueled this transformation, what I am envisioning for this amazing gem and what you can expect.  Ahhh I cannot wait! Dive in loves! ARE WE CONNECTED?

8 min

Ep.67: Are You Practicing Failure Without Even Realizing It?2021-02-22

This mini-sode is all about what you practice. You might be practicing failure and you don’t even realize it! I didn’t.  So we’re talking how that might be, what you can do about it, and why it’s so important!! Listen in!

14 min

Ep.6: How to navigate fitness & exercise as an intuitive eater without diet culture.2019-04-03

On this episode we will discuss the major ways diet culture impacts exercise and can make it less enjoyable and honestly just flat out miserable by putting our mindset in a not so positive place with exercise. Diet culture can keep us in a very black and white way of living and this includes exercise. I offer my advice and tips to shift your mindset with fitness and movement and how to really bring joy back to exercising.  Are we connected?

28 min

Jennifer's Story - I Wish I Were Me2020-03-17

Okay, so here goes the second story of the newly revamped podcast, Taking Up Space. Jennifer sat down with me and shared her very personal story and I am just blown away by all the power behind it. Her passion is just as strong as mine and our conversations are always so great!  Jennifer sheds some powerful light on some of the darkest realities of diet culture and eating disordered by sharing her story and nothing I say here will do it any justice. So please, dive right in.  You can find Jennifer below: twitter/iwishiweremetwt Are WE connected?

54 min

Next Chapter2022-02-14

Hey! So there has been a plot twist! Let's chat about it! Are we connected?

7 min

Side Note: Why the Podcast is getting a name change.2019-04-07

I want to keep you babes up to date and be 100000% transparent with you about everything! That includes this podcast and since it is getting a name change I want you to know why. I also want you to know that nothing is going to change! This platform, this space is still going to hold ever inspiring conversations, bone chilling stories, tips and tools, and much more to help us all feel connected and empowered.

7 min

Ep.97: Where did Valentines day even come from?2022-02-14

Let's take a step away from the typical valentines day talk and talk about something I feel is just as important and can also be relevant to Valentine's day.  Are we connected?

37 min

Ep.8: How to begin shifting your mindset on your body image and self-love and where to start digging in to transform with Amanda Jean, the body image expert.2019-04-09

Omg, this conversation was SO MAGIC! I got to chat with Amanda who is a body image expert and self love coach who is an amazing warrior women! Amanda is on a mission to be a part of the movement helping other women to learn to love themselves authentically. In this conversation we talk about what it really means to love ourselves, how to start making the mental shift and where to begin doing the work.  There is no way you won't love this episode.  You can find Amanda Jean at: Are we connected?

37 min

Ep.61: Why even therapists need therapist!2020-08-19

Today I am diving into why I think it is imperative and rather necessary to have support and mentorship in your life throughout your journey. I also have a very big announcement about something that you are NOT going to want to miss out on!  I shall say no more! Dive on in! :) FIND ME ON INSTA:

21 min

Ep.68:The BIGGEST thing I gained from ditching diet culture!2021-03-06

In this episode, I am going into detail all about what I gained from ditching diet culture, society's expectations, and everything alike and explaining to you why it is MUCH bigger than what it sounds like. I am also explaining WHY it is so impactful.  You are NOT going to want to miss this! Have we met yet? Are we connected? Find me on

18 min

Lindsey's Story - Pish Posh Pod2020-10-08

Switching gears on this story and joining me is Lindsey and we are talking all about bringing passion back into life.  You can find Lindsey and more about her podcast on Instagram:

31 min

Jessica's Story - Life is a Mess2020-10-08

We are back with another story with a lovely badass by the name of Jess. She shares so much in this conversation and I love it! I know you will too! Find her on Instagram: Are we connected?

51 min

Samantha's Story - Bloom Flourish Fitness2020-03-24

Ok, so Samantha is no stranger to being on my podcast! I have known her for quite some time and we have chatted a dozen times. Samantha has been on to talk about her body positive, HAES approach to fitness and exercise as a personal trainer and to talk about more intentional living.  But today we are switching gears and Samantha is sharing her story. She is diving into her past with fitness and personal training, her self-image, busting through comfort zones, stereotypes and more! Dive in!  You can find Samantha here:  ARE WE CONNECTED?:

49 min

Ep.56: Are You ALWAYS seeking validation? Are you the validation queen!?2020-07-03

Okay, so of course it is a human thing to want to be accepted, valued, and approved of. However, at what point is seeking validation and seeking the approval of others unhealthy? Is it devaluing our own approval and opinion of ourselves? Let's chat! ARE WE CONNECTED?

17 min

Emily's Story - Speaking to Shame2022-01-03

Listen in on Emily and I discuss shame, body positivity, learning to love ourselves and so much more as she shares her story with us. Emily is using her own personal journey to help reach other women and bring us all a little closer together! You can find Emily on Instagram here:

64 min

Ep.98: The Niche is dead and IDC if you like me!2022-02-22

Okay, buckle up, and let's talk this out. Let's chat about a very basic human behavior and why it's a good thing but it's a bad thing as well.  ARE WE CONNECTED?

28 min

Ep.103: A take on change and the fear of others thoughts of us.2022-07-22

A different take on change and fear of what others things about us. This shines some more light on just what has been going on in Amanda's world, the changes that are coming, that have happened, and updates on the podcast.  Are we connected?

19 min

Ep.9: "Why are you doing that!?” Let’s talk about why we do what we do!!2019-04-16

Let's get intentional!  On this episode we dive into the VERY fuzzy concept of what exactly is diet culture, what classifies being on a diet or acting from a place of diet culture from well, not diet culture! There is no one right answer, nothing is truly wrong either. This topic is very fuzzy but I am hoping to shed some light on it and help bring some organization to the matter! Let's dive in! Are we connected?

22 min

Ep.50: Are You Undervaluing Your Basic Needs?2020-03-31

Let's take a small, short, I promise, break from the stories and let's talk about something that has been on my mind this week. Especially now when things seem to feel uncertain and it might have many of us feeling funky.  Are we connected?

20 min
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